Content writing is no easy task as people think. You can't just write whatever pops up on your mind.

Good content should be

~free of grammatical and typographical errors

~should have a personal connection with the reader and

~have a flow of thought.

Tips to write good content:

With the advancement in online services and websites, one can easily write and publish a content be it starting a new blog to writingarticles.

Choose a good topic: Decide on what you want to write. Take the topic which is close to your heart so that you will have a commitment to complete it. When you have a writer's block, take a pen without hesitation and pour out the words. Buzzsumo and Quora give you trending topics to write on.

2.Research on the topic: A good article requires correct words that fit into the sentence and put your thinking caps on. To keep the reader hooked your article should be enthralling and think out of the box. Have a different outlook towards the topic and you will definitely be able to make your article, a good one. Google scholar can provide you with scholarly articles and research papers. Proof and data play an important role in an article. See to that you have enough statistics and valid data. So that no one doubts the quality of the article.

3. Grammar check: Grammar is a very important aspect, sentence formation and spelling free article is all that a reader expects. Apps like Grammarly and Hemmingway App will help you to write an article free of clutters. Check whether your article is easily understandable to the reader using readability score. and power thesaurus will help you get the perfect word and phrases. Use of different words will allure the reader.

4. Organize your ideas: Evernote app helps you to write on the go.

Write in Microsoft Word or Google docs without any distraction. Join communities of writers so that you get one idea and stay updated on current topics.

5. Spread the word: Having good content is alone not enough you need a reader besides your friends and family. You have to write compelling content to have readers come back to your page/ blog. Neil Patel helps you to get tips on writing impressive content. Promote your page in the right way. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter are top sites where traffic is more will help you get readers.

Use attractive pictures for your article through pixabay.

I hope all this will help you in your writing.

Happy writing.



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