Who doesn't like having a good night sleep?

Sleep is necessary to keep our physical, mental and emotional state in a balanced manner. A human needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. But do we sleep for these many hours? We don't bother about giving some rest to our system. Brain needs rest, it has to take some time out from its activities and sleep. Likewise our eyes needs rest after a whole long day of seeing and straining our eyes in front of mobile screens, television and too much of bright light. During sleep the major metabolic activities of our body come to a halt.

Sleep is mind's way of rejuvenating.

When you don't have a good night sleep, you tend to have headache the next morning, and tiredness surrounds you, even if you try being brisk by drinking coffee or so it might help for a little while but not in the long run.

Never put your body through strain by not sleeping.

It is not that we can't sleep it us actually that we force ourselves not to sleep. We keep ourselves awake by watching movie or playing games during the night.

Respect your body and allow your biological clock to work at ease.

There are some people who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia. This term insomnia is very common in the younger generation. It is because of uasge of digital gadgets and not listening to what your body is telling you. Some other sleep disorders can be overcome by medication, by taking sleeping pills or pills to calm the nerves only under a doctor's prescription.

Listen to your body. It knows better than you.

So what can we do to get a good sleep?

Follow a good sleep-wake cycle. Give 6-8 hours of your day to sleep. Then your body will get accustomed to this and naturally your eyes will droop when its time for bed. Put your mobile phones and other gadgets away before 30mins of going to bed. Sleep in a quiet place without bright light and noise.

All work and no sleep makes jack a dull boy.

It is true to be brisk, attentive and to put in your best at work or home you need to be relaxed and for this sleep is required. During the day a short nap called POWER NAP will definitely help. But don't get used to sleeping for long hours in the afternoon you will tend to put on weight. Eat healthy and sleep well. Ignoring sleep is ignoring yourself.



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