Do you know the origin of the word music?

It is from the Greek word "mousa".

In this chaotic world, an escape from reality is music for me. Not only for me but it is also the same for many of us. Music takes me to a world of calmness. When I am stressed I listen to music, when I want to relax after a long day, music comes to the rescue. When we go on a ride, we turn on the speakers. When we party, we hear to gig music. Music soothes the broken heart.

Music is food for the soul.

Listen to a romantic song and all the memories with our loved ones come gushing in our mind, from the first meet to recent midnight calls. Music brings in a feeling of ecstasy within ourselves. A slow melody during a candlelight dinner can set the pace for a romantic night.

When we see no road to continue in life, sit back and listen to motivational music and we will definitely find meaning to our life.

Music has travelled along many centuries and has seen many phases of transformation, from hip-hop to melody, from rap to gaana it has seen it all. From days where there were only musical instruments to days where we have sound engineering, music has come a long way.

Music has reached this place because of many great, talented musicians and singers. From Ludwig Van Beethoven to Taylor Swift, from evergreen melodies of Ilayaraja to the oscar winning-Slumdog millionaire fame Resul pookutty, they have contributed many lovely songs which are part of our playlist. Some movies are loved for the best music that they showcase.

Music sometimes makes us think straight when we are confused.

Music has also helped mankind overcome adversity. The 9/11 twin tower attack pulled down the US but musicians and people faced the impact with motivation through music and songs. "We shall overcome" was their only motto after the disaster. Music can help you express the words that can't be spoken and feelings that can't be shown. For me personally, music is part of my routine. I listen to songs when I travel and turn the speakers ON when I am low.

Love for music never ends.

While music is the breadwinner for many, it is a hobby and pastime for some. Teach children to appreciate art and music, get them enrolled in a music class, they will definitely learn to value art.