Have you wondered how the tiniest things give sweet nectar?

Flowers though tiny, are colourful, bright, smell good, spread fragrance, give bees their food on a platter and what not. Flowers inspire poetry out of you. From the old times to now flowers have brought out the best out of a poet.

Who can hate flowers? Especially girls. Ok I know there are a few girls who hate and can't take the scent of flowers. I have my own friends but that's ok. Maybe it's just that god forgot to place the smell buds right in your nose.

Flowers bloom only when it is time for them to. They know the perfect season when to bloom and when to wither. Some wait for the right time to do the right thing in life. Never be in haste learn the perfection of timing from the flowers.

Be a wildflower in a ground of thorns.

Flowers are compared to women. I know it is metaphoric to say so but it's true. Women are supposed to be soft and fragrant, beautifully bloomed into a flower and be ready to face the challenges of this world.

Try being the nectar in aflower then you will learn what it takes to be a flower.

God planted flowers on Earth so that we could know how much more beautiful Heaven would be. From the romantic Rose to common Hibiscus, flowers are seen everywhere, grown everywhere, placed beautifully on the head of women and used to please gods in the form of garlands in the temple and holy places.

Every time a woman adorns herself with flowers she becomes extra beautiful.

Wherever flowers are present they bring about aesthetic value and surround the place with aroma.

Flowers ain't jealous of how they end up being used. Some are used to adorn ladies, some as garlands for gods while some are used for their nectar and left unplucked and unharmed by human hands.

God could not be everywhere so he planted flowers.

Like a flowering plant learn to grow deep in the soil, get yourself rooted in values and bloom like a flower with all its beauty.

Rose is considered to be the flower for lovers. It symbolises trust. The thorns in the rose flower are equivalent to the hardships that lovers face to get approval from their parents. You have to pass the thorns to enjoy the beauty of the rose.

Bloom wherever you are and spread the beauty of love.