What Are Your Views On The Training Provided By Sapientrazorfish Bangalore To Its Trainees?

Narinder Katal
Feb 10, 2020   •  35 views


As a leading and well-known marketing and consulting company, Sapient has been providing business, marketing, and technology services to the very best of global companies. Its list of clients includes some of the most prestigious names in investment banks, central banks and regulators, oil and gas companies and a variety of exchanges and clearance houses.

Sapient's training program is divided into two primary parts:

  1. TRM (Trade and Risk Management): This part focuses on the financial aspect of a business and the training covers the basic concepts of finance, such as profit and loss, trade life cycle, mutual funds and hedge funds, working of the stock exchange, etc.

  2. Technology: This part focuses on the technological aspects and the syllabus is as per the subject and domain chosen by the trainee. For example, a trainee hired for Java development will be trained in basic and advanced Java concepts such as Hibernate, Spring, JMS SVN, Eclipse, etc.

You are trained on various technologies like Java, JS, Spring, SQL, etc in the first three months. Routine tests are conducted to test your progress. The trainee is also required to implement the technologies learned in a dummy project during this period.

In the fourth month, you will be allocated a live project as a shadow resource. During this period too, your progress will be monitored closely. If your progress is found to be satisfactory, you can be promoted to associate software developer.

Sapient's training programs are known for exceptionally good content quality and tutoring. The programs are designed to cover the topics in detail and students claim the learning process to be extremely good.

 The training programs are to ensure that you are completely ready to work on live projects. Apart from the financial and technical aspects, you are also trained in soft skills. As a trainee, you get to learn and gain a lot. Sapient provides its trainees with ample opportunities to express themselves and thrives to create an open, collaborative work environment. As a trainee, you will be encouraged to share your passions and celebrate the diversity emerging from different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.

The work culture provided by the company is excellent. You can reach out to anyone easily as all team members including the managers are very friendly. You also get to give feedback regularly. The best part of your training period with Sapient Razorfish Bangalore is that you will get plenty of opportunities to meet inspiring co-workers, learn new perspectives and get involved in and outside of the office. The company also encourages its trainees and employees to start their own group and create a community.

Sapientrazorfish Bangalore review on the internet can give you a more insightful look into the training provided by SapientRazorfish Bangalore to freshers hired as Trainee Technology.

Evaluation of Sapientrazorfish Bangalore reviews shows that trainees have ranked the company high on several parameters such as corporate governance, strength and quality of leadership, financial decisions, engagement in activities related to corporate social responsibility, etc.



Profile of Manav Khanna
Manav Khanna  •  6d  •  Reply
Trainings at sapient are provided by professionals and best people in the industry. There are levels of trainings and it depends on what level of training you require. If it is a basic or an entry level training, it is generally conducted by the employees only to make the person familiar with the topic. If its an advance level training, its usually done by certified experts from inside/outside the organization. It adds credibility to the training sessions and also creates a sense of seriousness amongst the attendees. The training quality is at par with you’d get after paying outside. the level of knowledge shared is very helpful and insightful. It encourages people to develop their skillset and enable themselves with time.
Profile of Veronica Stuart
Veronica Stuart  •  4w  •  Reply
Sapient work culture is like a teacher, it teaches you every day and nurtures you to become a better individual both personally and professionally. Also the work culture is quite flexible and I feel when you are given the freedom to complete a task in your own way, the result is always better and the quality of work is not compromised. It is one of the very few organizations which focuses quite heavily on providing trainings to not only trainees even to all the employees who need it and not just merely concentrating on loading its workforce with work. On the other hand the team culture creates ample opportunities for an individual to have healthy competition amongst their teammates and with other teams, this enhances their effectiveness and efficiency. If you see outside the circle, on one side you are enabling yourself by undergoing trainings and on the other, your team really helps you in putting the knowledge you gained to practical use. Double win situation.
Profile of Shweta Singh
Shweta Singh  •  6w  •  Reply
SapientRazorFish Bangalore is the best place to work, not only for the experienced employee but also from the fresher's perspective. The training provided by SapientRazorFish is one of the best when compared with other organizations. The sessions are well organized and divided into different modules where fresher’s learn and expand their horizons in terms of learning. The training program is divided into two parts, TRM i.e. Trade and Risk Management which focuses and prepares the freshers on financial ground. The training covers topic around different funds including hedge and mutual funds, how a stock exchange works, and other areas. And the second part is Technology which trains an employee on the different latest technology and prepares them to meet the market requirement. The best part about the training session is that the fresher’s get the opportunity to work in the live project where they provide support. Apart from training in finance and technology the organization also focuses on improving soft skills. There are ample opportunities provided to the freshers to make them market-ready.
Profile of Akhil Bhardwaj
Akhil Bhardwaj  •  7w  •  Reply
Sapient always believe in nurturing fresh talent to its best. The company offers its training session in multiple sections under two categories and they are technology and TRM i.e. Trade and risk management. The sessions provide the best in class training to prepare a fresh mind. I am writing this review as I am well aware of the training session provided by SapientrazorFish Bangalore. Last year I was allotted with one such fresh brilliant mind who just had completed his training provided by Sapientrazorfish Bangalore. After seeing his working skills and logical mind I was really surprised. They get great learning in the training session and that helps them when they are exposed to live projects.
Profile of Joyitri Choudhury
Joyitri Choudhury  •  9w  •  Reply
It’s great to see the vibrant culture of Sapientrazorfish towards their new joiners and trainees. The training and the work environment is good. Received training on various technologies including Java, SQL and Spring. The tests conducted on a routine basis helped me assess the progress. Apart from giving the confidence to work on live projects, it also helped interns to learn and develop a variety of key soft skills. Regular assessment & guidance from the seniors had helped in growing as a employee & also guides about responsibilities!