Now Check Electricity Bill On Your Smart Phone

Narinder Katal
Nov 01, 2019   •  2 views

Summary: Advancement in technology has made life a lot easier for everyone. Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues to pay your electricity bills. You can now check and pay your electricity bill with a few clicks on your smartphone and avoid the hassle of queuing up at the bill counters. The new digital electricity meters are quite user-friendly and you can easily note down consumption readings in a short period.


Power distribution companies in India have their websites where you can make an online payment for your electricity bill

One way of checking your bill for consumed electricity is by calling the toll free number of your electricity provider. Once your call is connected, type the subscriber number on your smartphone keypad and follow the instructions. Soon you will get the information about your electricity bill with the current tariff and details of the last payment made. You can then visit the service provider’s website and make the bill payment. In the bill payment section select the payment mode and make the payment using your debit or credit card. All this can be done from your smartphone.

Few power transmission companies in India have a mobile app for checking electricity bill

It can be tricky to read your electricity meter and it is a time-consuming exercise. It can be confusing knowing exactly what numbers to note down and if you don’t provide exact meter reading, you can end up paying more with an estimated bill sent by the service provider. You can now use the app of the service provider to check your electricity bill by simply taking a photo of the meter and the app uses optical character technology to recognize the numbers. It then saves the reading, date and time before sending it to the service provider. The feature gives the customers greater control and confidence over what they use and pay. Customers can use the app to monitor energy use, manage meter readings and monthly statements.

How does the app for checking the electricity bill on smartphone works?

Download the app ‘Electricity Bill Payment’ from Play Store. Open the app and you will find the list of power distribution companies in India. Select your state and service provider. The official website of the power transmission company will open up and you will be required to fill the information given on your bill. Enter the account ID and click on the online bill payment. A new page will open on your mobile screen in which you can see the amount of your electricity bill besides your name.