Digital Marketing:-
Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using Digital technologies, mainly through internet, but it also include mobile phones, display advertising and any other such digital medium.

Nowadays, digital marketing plays a vital role in marketing of any product. Seller as well as buy want to interact with the closet medium i.e., Internet.

In the era of Internet, everything is changed and become so fast as they have to reach the top. With the help of today's growing technology seller too using it to reach out to it's customer. They prefer a very easy and connecting source which in result increase their sale and profit maximization.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:-
There are many benefits of Digital Marketing which can be discussed here:-

  • Connectivity: Digital Marketing is become the easiest way to reach it's customer. A very smooth and easy way to connect with it's customer.

  • Search:Digital Marketing is helpful in searching of product for consumer as well as the place where marketer easily advertise its product.

  • Targeting audiance: Digital Marketing helps in targeting the mass as well an individual in his many way of advertising. It follows the path of Personnal Relation as well as Covers mass by Promotin of Brand and Product.

  • Boosting sale: The basic motive of marketing or digital marketing is to promte sale. Through digital marketing, sale of a product is increases in comparison of marketing. It reaches th promotion on another level which diectly or indirectly helps in profit maximization.

Limitations of Digital Marketing:-

It's ture that Digital Marketing is higher way of marketing but it also have few drawbacks wit it:-

  • Limited access:- Through Digital Marketing, marketers can reach only to those people who have access over internet. Till now a high number of population in India are not using internet.

  • Risk on Internet Marketing:- There is always a risk if the Digital Marketing isn't done properly. If the proper message is not reached to the user there is no worth to do Online Marketing.

  • Not appropriate for all Product:- All product available in market dosen't need to be on social sites to advertise its product. They may offer any elserly or old age product which is not directly and massly reached to it's consumer.

Digital Marketing main purpose is to maximise it's profit as well as genrate awerness in mass, so that they can easily successful in thier program. Every coin has two faces, Digital marketing too has many pros and cons. But it's upto us how we using it and for what propose.



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