Ripped jeans trend is now gaining popularity. There’s something appealing about the ripped jeans when someone wears it the right way. Ripped jeans are just a natural progression of old worn jeans. That’s why ripped jeans have been around for ages.. These can surely give you a hot look. One can look effortlessly hot by pairing ripped jeans up with any outfits .Always caught the eye of fashion enthusiast, ripped jeans is the trend that’s been gaining more traction these days.

Today is the age of ripped jeans fashion for women ,high quality and affordable versions of ripped jeans are offered by top designer houses. The main purpose of ripped jeans is to providedesired and stylish look. We can see many celebrities wearing the iconic piece of attire everywhere today


Jeans became the work pants for men that did any hard work outdoors, especially ranchers. Nothing was as comfortable as an old pair of jeans. They always started off with denim navy blue colour and as they were worn and washed for many years, the colour would lighten unevenly and eventually the knees would turn whitish and rip straight across because they were always getting the most wear. The fabric on the knees would become thin and you would go to kneel down and your knee would suddenly rip through the fabric.

It takes many years to have a pair of the old time jeans rip in the knees. Once they ripped, you would have a person who sews and make a patch over the ripped part so you could keep wearing your old jeans to work around the house. People DID NOT wear ripped jeans to town unless they had nothing else to wear or they'd keep them on if they needed stuff from the hardware store or feed store but now the trend of ripped jeans is back with a bang with everyone wearing the iconic piece of fashion.