Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Muskan Bhatia
Apr 28, 2019   •  9 views

Overcoming your fears has never been an easy task. And without this you cannot live a healthy life. The phrase "stepping out of your comfort zone” itself depicts various meanings. This simply means that in order to go ahead and be successful in your respected fields you need to step out of you’re out of your ''stress free situation'' i.e. your comfort zone. Here comfort zone implies the place or an environment where you feel relaxed in. and stepping out of this situation means that doing things that you don’t feel comfortable to do. Now a big question is that whether it is necessary to do something out of the box. The answer is yes...

Every individual sets its targets, goals and aims whether they are short term or long term but every person in the universe has a tendency to set its future goals. After deciding this most of the people do least efforts to achieve their set targets that is what you call it living in your comfort zone. Then there are people who know that they are not doing putting in any efforts and they know it. Then there are those people that set their main targets and side by side set their mini goals in order to achieve their main goal. These are called the pre-planners. And these are the people who really endeavor a lot so that they can fulfill their dreams. And these are the people who really step out of their comfort the starting phase of exploring beyond your comfort level may feel burdensome but it will give you a lot of benefit in the long run. I am not in favor of pushing yourself in an unfamiliar situation forcefully. I recommend you to take tiny steps forward. And do such things which you don’t normally do. And by such things I mean the "positive ones' which encourages you and leads you to one level higher. I am not saying that you always need to do such unusual things. Comfort zone is neither a good nor a bad thing. It’s just a natural state of mind. But don’t be in such a state of mind which is blocking your mind to move forward or which is holding you back. Take risks, and hang out with risk takers. There are no two ways about it. ...



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