Hair Straightening Vs Hair Smoothening!

Mohar Bhattacharjee
Aug 14, 2019   •  5 views

Having a soft, smooth, shiny and frizz free hair is naturally desired by all. Inspite of our deep love for our hair, our hectice routines often prohibit us from taking thorough care, rather our hair ends up facing the extetnal conditions such as pollution and heat resulting to roughness. In most of these cases, people opt for a hair spa or they prefer to undergo a hair smoothening Or straightening treatment.

Many stay in a bit of confusion regarding which treatment to choose, smoothening or straightening. A brief comparison between the two may help one taking a fair decision.

What is hair straightening?

This is the styling technique used for flattening and straightening the hair to give it a super glossy and smooth look. In this process strong chemicals are used making the effect last long, nearly for one year. This is actually the process of rebuilding the hair. The bonds which are sealed due to the application of chemicals are rebuilt by reapplying the heat. It works like magic on super curly hairs. The effect lasts long until and unless normal hair strats to grow. Costing around rs 6000, it may vary depending on the selection of brand by the client.

There are various types of straightening treatment which can be chosen based on hair type and one's preference.

  • Keratin Treatment: Keratin removes the frizz, making the hair soft with a silky straight look. It is considered to be better than most other straightening treatments. Being suitable for all hair types, irrespective of men and women, it protects the hair from external pllutions. After undergoing this treatment, sodium chloride free shampooes are mostly recommended by stylists.

  • Japanese Straightening: Through this treatment the hair is reshaped as the hair cells are straightened. But this must be chosen based on the hair type. In case of African curls it is not suitable at all. Intense care followed by deep conditioning is necessary to keep the hair fine after undergoing this therapy.

  • Chemical Straightening: Better known as hair relaxing technique, it breaks the protein bonds for setting the curly hair to straight. It needs absolute professional care or else can lead to excessive damage.

  • Hair Rebonding: This permanent and expensive procedure makes the hair straight and gives it shine. Women facing problem due to excessive wave in the hair can opt for this treatment.

What is Hair Smoothening?

Smoothening treatments are recommended by most of the hair experts to achieve a glossy hair. It is a chemical treatment commonly known as Brazilian blowout which involves the process of drenching the hair in formalehyde solution followed by the step of drying it out. Finally flat iron is used to smooth it. It can last for up to 6 months. It prevents any sort of roughness or dull hair and acts as an ultimate solution to tremendous split ends. The mixture of Ammonium Thiglycolate and Sodium Hydroxide used in this treatment gives the hair a silky smooth look.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Once the treatment is done, the wet hair can't be washed for close to 4 days and it can't be tied as well.

  • Salon recommended shampoo to be applied which is suitable for the hair and the hair must be oil free for at least one month.

Hair Smoothening can sometimes lead to irritation in skin and eyes.

Straightening vs Smoothening

Smoothening is actually recommended by the hair stylists as chemicals used here are not as strong as the ones used in straightening. It makes the hair soft naturally while hair straightening with it's pin pointed structure gives a fake look often leading to split ends if not cared properly. Anyone irrespective of having a straight or curly hair can opt for smoothening as it removes the frizz for the time being making the hair look shinier. Better known as keratin treatment, it gives the hair a uniform and natural bounce. It is cheaper than straightening as well. On the other hand, the process of straightening requires more application of heat. After the completion of this process, the hair must follow a strict routine and must be handled with care to make the effect last long and avoid damage.

At the end of the day, it depends on the client that which treatment she would opt for. It depends on one's hair type and the desired result. For having a pin pointed straight look glossy hair one may go for straightening while for having a soft natural shine in the hair one may opt for the temporary soomthening treatment.