Do I Even Know What Love Is?

Nov 21, 2019   •  5 views

I find it strange that when I'm looking into your eyes I'm not met with an endless starry sky, 

The world around me doesn't freeze or turn monochrome around everyone except for you, 

I don't see an endless sea or visions of a setting sun no matter my determination, 

So how do I know it is Love if it isn't as the words I've heard all through my life describe? 

Yet my heart still drops when u walk into the room, even when ur focus is a place far off

People say it's a flutter, but it is far too heavy to use such a light word for this feeling 

It's painful, but I know its not something ominous or bad because it feels right

How do I know it's love if none of my words describe it right as they should? 

I get it everytime our eyes meet or you tilt your head & smile with your head in clouds

I get it when u laugh to yourself or say something hardly above a whisper

When u focus so hard you mess up and let out that silly sigh of aggravation & I feel such deep affection

Yet is it alright for me to say what I feel is Love when I can't even tell myself what love is?