What is Grand Slam?

In this tennis fervour Grand Slam is an emotion in itself particularly for tennis lovers, and even though it doesn’t need a formal introduction let me tell in brief that it is formally known as "majors" and comprises of four gargantuan international annual tennis tournaments that were revered as a combination only after 1924-1925.

Title ‘Grand Slam’ is awarded to one who wins all the four championships in one calendar year in one of the five events namely men’s and women’s singles, men’s, women’s and mixed doubles, while if won but not in one calendar year it is designated as Non-calendar Year Grand Slam. Icing on the cake happens to be when the contestant also wins Olympics gold medal in summer Olympics in same calendar year which is deified as ‘golden grand slam’, that is titled to only one player Steffi Graf in 1988. Itinerary of the events comprises of Australian open, The French open, Wimbledon and at last US open. All these events are organized on different types of courts, at previously determined venues and at fixed time of the year, operated by International Tennis Federation.

Australian open

Australian open are most recent of all four although were first organized in 1905 and now regularly held in the mid January on hard court in Melbourne, Australia. Novak Djokovic, a Serbian player, is the current champion of this event and also acclaiming highest number of singles title in this event ,7.

French open

French open is officially known as Ronald-Garros and are being held at present in the stadium Ronald Garros in Paris, France. It is second of the four annual tournaments with its origin dating back to 1891, and now they occur in late may and early June on clay court. Currently it is only tournament played on clay and is considered as most physically demanding tournament. Rafael Nadal, Spanish player is current champion being 11 times winner of singles title.


Wimbledon being the oldest and one of the most prestigious held at All England Club in Wimbledon, London, was founded in year 1877 and is played on grass outdoor courts during the months of June and July. Novak Djokovic is current champion and most singles title are acclaimed by Roger Federer, Swiss player. Interesting fact is that tons strawberries and cream are traditionally consumed at the tournament.

US open

Chronologically it is fourth and final Grand Slam tournament in the aeries and was found in year 1881 being played on hard court on last Monday of August through September at New York city, New York. Again Novak Djokovic is current champion while Richard Sears, Bill and William have won most singles titles i.e. 7.