Usually there are two types of person in general, either a cat person or a dog person (in fact everything has some exceptions so would be here), and I am the latter one. As I am inundated with this feisty pet and this incorrigible attribute of mine fortuitously matches with my profession. Besides being an epitome of companionship, this ebullient creature is now-a-days also being flaunted as a sign of prosperity and opulence.

Dogs if brought up properly can easily adopt themselves as you want them to, they work in accordance with need of circumstance and present varied behaviors, they love to be cuddled and would merrily be your frolicking means when you need one and at the same time they can attribute to posess a lofty ability to spook away thieves. They have an inveterate habit of espionage, again a quality that cannot be snubbed. De facto, all these characters with wide disparity in themselves can be rarely attributed to a single breed, although can be manifested separately in different breeds as per their specific breed characters, still can be contrived if you need, by training them.(they are efficient learner)

Each dog breed has some specific characters on the basis of which they are characterized like some being very humble while some others being equivalently furious, some are small and tiny, while some others being colossal in size, some are thin and having a broad chest, many others having thick loose lumpy skin with hanging folds. You can choose a dog of your type out of these myriads of breeds with specific characters.

But before you going to either purchase or adopt a dog there is an equivalently long list of things to be kept in mind. The breeds you do choose should also be complimentary to the environment and regional climate and not merely with good looks and appealing characters. If you are not in qua to shoulder the responsibility of a pet as a parent, then don’t go for this dastardly act to turn the life of a creature languished.

It’s easy to bring a pet home but it needs to be parented assiduously just like a family member. You have to make sure that you can regularly visit a vet, always be updated with the vaccination status of your pet, keep it groomed as well as clean and invest some quality time with them like playing with them or taking them out for a walk. If you are working and you need to keep your pet back at home alone and locked in, then you are advised to not have one.

Yes! Owning a dog comes with a modus operandi.