When you type in something in your Google search box, Google takes a few seconds to provide the best results for you. But have you ever scrolled past the first page of your search results? Well, appearing on the first page of Google is a dream for many, but rarely achieved by few. But you can rank your website on the first page using a simple technique called SEO.

What is SEO?
SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the method of increasing traffic to your network through search results. Suppose you search for something on Google, then Google uses various algorithms to tell you the best answers for your search. So, here are three tips which will help you rank your website on the #1 page of Google.

1.Focus on your Content
Writing good content for your website is a technique of On-page optimization. The better the content your website is, the more will be your traffic. Your website should be designed in a very appealing way. The articles/descriptions provided on your website should very informative. A person who has visited that website should get extremely informative content from your website and consider it as a one-stop solution for his query.

2.Focus on your Website's Title and meta description

A search result in Google shows the title and Meta description of your website. The Meta description is the small description which appears under the title of your website. It provides the users with a quick tour of the website and viewers are more interested in the website if they see their search keyword included in the meta tag description. Thus, your title and meta description should contain the right keywords, must be easy to understand and should invoke curiosity to the viewers.

3.Use Google search console

Google search console is a free tool by Google which shows how information relating to the traffic that is guided to your website. It shows how many people are seeing your website as a search result, how many clicks you are getting and also the number of people who do not click on your website. More number of clicks on your website means more traffic for your website and this can be simply done by providing unique content as explained on Tip #1. Moreover, Google Search Console shows all the keywords you are getting views and clicks for. You can use those keywords by adding them to your website's article naturally and educationally.

Implementing these three tactics will take some time but will surely help you rank your website #1 on the Google search page.



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