Don't Panic, But You've Been Wearing Your Bra Wrong Your Entire Life

Victoria didn't tell me this secret...

Twitter recently lost its mind when people started to debate the right way to put on a bra. Some boob-havers swore by the *clasp in the back* technique, while others were adamant about the *clasp in the front, spin it around and then put your arms through it* strategy. There are still some others that claimed to do things like fasten their bras and then put them on like t-shirts (WUT?!) or even step into their bras and pull them up over their hips like a dress (WHO?!).

there is an official best way to put on a bra, and most of us have likely been doing it wrong for our entire lives.

This shocking information comes in the form of an old tweet, which was originally posted by Huffington post. It reveals the correct steps to wearing a bra, according to bra company Third Love.

Apparently you're supposed to clasp the loosest hook by reaching behind you and clasping it on your back, pull your boobs into the cups, then tighten the straps every couple of months as they loosen.

Head over to the Third Love website and you will see a how-to entitled "How To Put On a Bra" where the *clasp in the back* technique is on full damn display.

So why is this the "right" method? Well, bra bands are highly elastic, so any extra stretching and pulling is just going to loosen the band faster. By clasping in the front and pulling the bra around, you're creating unnecessary stretching that will, over time, affect the lifespan of your bra.

Also, if your bra is fitting you correctly, pulling it around your body would likely be uncomfortable. Why? Because it's supposed to be fairly tight. Here's the correct way to measure your bra band size, according to Orit Hashay, founder of the online bra retailer Brayola: “Exhale to get the smallest measurement possible, and don’t try to stand up super straight or stick out your chest more than normal." This is your band size —the numerical part of your bra size. If you get an odd number, round up to the next even number.

But the circumference of your chest when you exhale is going to be less than what your chest size is like as you're standing in your bedroom bent over a little to clasp your bra in front of your body. If you were able to clasp your bra on the correct hook, you would then have to yank it 180 degrees to get it behind you (which isn't really comfortable). You can also learn all about the right way to measure yourself for a bra here.

Plus, the skin along your ribs is very delicate and could easily get scratched or even accrue some more wrinkles over time with that much wear and tear.

That being said, it's safe to say that I've literally never done one of those "correct" bra things – except tightening my straps, which I do like once a year.

The post actually sparked an even bigger debate: clasp and swivel vs. hooking in the back
That being said, if clasping and swiveling is wrong, tbh I don't want to be right.