Traveling On Bicycle And On Foot Is A Possible Deal Too: Delhi Going Bicycle Friendly Soon!

Mansi Rohilla
Jul 08, 2019   •  17 views

Traveling to nearby places are often said to be have done either on motorbike or in cars. Does travelling on bicycles also count in? Or simply walking on foot sounds well too?

With global temperatures riding to insanely high levels, seems traffic pollution counts as a major factor with its huge vehicular combustion emitting harmful pollutants into the environment.

Netherlands is where 20-40% journeys is travelled by cycle or by walking. Also, add Denmark and Sweden being most frequented with cycle riders. On top of it, Great Britain has got most of the walkers too?

Let's explore if Delhi is gonna count in the category too by looking below how:

Project CycleWalks

What does Project Cyclewalk mean and the idea behind it?

It is a project proposed by Delhi Urban Art Commission and PWD which is yet to be implemented and construct.

Improving standards for bicycle riders:

Let's see how:

When this project is implemented, it will be a huge turn on for Delhi pedestrians and cycle riders. Delhi is filled with packed vehicle traffic which is not conducive for cycle riders.

Well, this project aims to provide spacious track to bicyclists for their journey on road thereby reducing their chances to be mowed down by the bigger vehicles.

Curbing down Delhi's pollution:

With this big project, it is expected that pollution will be curbed down to some extent as compared to dangerous levels of 390AQI which is ten times more than the normal levels. While it is clear that not only road traffic is a factor for Delhi's pollution since industrial pollution counts in too, but however major factor of pollution still remains Delhi's traffic and road dust.

With this project in working, it is proposed that fewer cars will turn on roads as people will got well-built tracks designed specially for bicycles and walkers.

What areas of Delhi will the track consist of?

It is meant to link Delhi's forests and lakes within the city hence optimising natural resources.

For experimenting this project, Sanjay Van and Jahanpanah forest will be linked via 3.8km Press Enclave Road. The walkable area will be made which will host public friendly amenities such as cafes, washrooms, and small amphitheatres. This track will touch metro stations and high-density low income pockets.

Subsequently, there will be many such tracks that will form 100km loop around Delhi. The loop is said to touch institutional areas like Qutab Minar and Siri Fort Institutional area; industrial areas like Okhla, Mayapuri, and Jandewalan. Also Nehru Place, Bhikaji Cama Place, Janakpuri and Cannaught Place are said to be under the loop track.

What's more:

While the track runs 87% into the forests, no trees are proposed to be cut down.

Sounds like bicycle city is just on the way! Isn't it?