These Places Are Less Famous But Insanely Fascinating Here At Mumbai

Mansi Rohilla
Jul 02, 2019   •  22 views

No doubt, everyone knows about one of India's largest city, Mumbai and the spotlights it is famous for. While the city holds its major attraction to iconic Gateway of India built by British or the Elephanta caves dedicated to Hindu God Shiva, let's explore what is lesser famous and yet fascinating within the city air.

Hanging Garden

Built in 1880,this garden is situated at the top of Malabar Hill and that's why is a terrace garden. This garden has a wonderful sight of Arabian sea and is dedicated to Barrister Pherozeshah Mehta.

There are lush green vegetation and animal shaped hedges. (Image source:Wind Horse Tours)

What's more :

The garden is equipped with basic public amenities such as benches for sitting and fresh drinking water since the garden is constructed on a water reservoir. Talk of the garden is the beautiful flower clock that holds the major charm. The garden is absolute wonder for early morning jogs, Yoga and exercises.

Famously possessing collection of paintings, sculptures and artefacts since 1996,this National Gallery of Modern Art presents the fancy for all art lovers around.

The field of artwork is destined to visual and plastic arts and this whole exhibition is governed by Department of culture, Government of India. Artworks of renowned artists like Pablo Picasso is also featured here who is known as the epitome of art and painting. There are artifacts as old as 160 years and statues if mummies from Egypt is another fascinating piece of artwork for visitors to wonder about.

What's more: There are exhibitions hitted at this place where artists and visitors share each other's company and explore the artwork better. Artists showcase their talent while art lovers fancy them. Such amazing combination for art world.

Nearest landmark : Regal cinemas in Coaba, South Mumbai

Kanheri Caves, Mumbai Overview

Located Where? Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The caves are filled with Buddhist influence mingled with Indian art and culture just like mingling of two different cultures, one atheist another theist?

What the caves are special for:

109 entrances. Which sounds interesting. Added to the list is ancient sculptures, carvings, paintings and inscriptions which dates back to 1st century to 10th century. This sounds quite an historical place, isn't it. While the older of Kanheri caves are plainer, the less older ones are more ornamental and shiny. Furthermore, Buddhist stupas, carved pillars, and ingenious water channels are some of the exciting aspects to fancy about this place. Also, one of the caves's been turned to monastery that holds up Buddhist community.

If you know more offbeat places like few of the above mentioned, do drop their names at the comments section below. Because why not a city sounds more diverse when offbeat places gets to the limelight too,isn't it?