Jammu And Kashmir: A Beautiful Tourist Nestle Amidst Himalayas

Mansi Rohilla
Jul 06, 2019   •  25 views

This northernmost state of India locked in Himalayas has to offer alot of touristy places besides being so beautiful in itself. While there are many amazing places like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Patnitop, Ladakh in the state, let's explore few of them about what significant value we can explore in them.


Nicknamed as 'mirror of mountains', Srinagar has a beauty note attached to it as it is surrounded by lush green mountains enclosing the beautiful 'Dal Lake' spreading its wings to over 26 square kilometers.

While one could enjoying shopping around at floating markets just like ones in Vietnam at the crack of dawn, there is a Mughal garden enriched with lush green gardens from the era by the lake's shore too. So shopping+ garden fancy it is!

Dal lake is talk of the Srinagar where British and Mughal enjoyed their special summer vibes at. Shalimar Bagh and Nilshad Gardens are added spots to look at too.

Tourist activities : trekking, bird watching, boating, water skiing

Cultural food delicacies of Srinagar:

There's a unique cooking tradition of mixing vegetables with mead, besides rice is the staple food.


Nicknamed as 'Meadow of Flowers', Gulmarg is a treat to eyes with its varied field of flowers and snow capped mountains. The talk of Gulmurg is where the second highest cable of world is, that is Gulmarg Gondola.

Also, situated at height of 8530ft lies Kongori station which is called the first phase of Gondola. The second phase situates at altitude of 12293ft which gives a magnificent view of Nanda Devi, LOC. And yeah, Pranjal range too.

Tourist activities at Gulmarg:

skiing down the snow mountains, mountain biking, trekking, horse riding. You name it.

Gurez Valley

Located at 130km from Srinagar, Gurez Valley is a hit pack of mountain, rivers and landscapes. It seems to be lost into the Himalayas which makes this place quite offbeat from the talk of travelling.

Situated at 8000feet in Kashmir, this place lies in proximity to 'Line of Control' which makes it totally volatile. Sensitive towards avalanches, and stray mines blowing people off also makes the characteristic of the place. However, if deadly hunch to Gurez Valley is kept aside, scenic beauty to blow the minds is what left in all.

Also, apart from being such adventurous place, Gurez serves as an entry point to the renowned silk route across central Asia.

Tourist activities at Gurez Valley:

Rafting at Kishan Ganga River, trekking, mountain climbing, trout fishing, also camping can be organised near Kishan Ganga River.

Clearly, Jammu and Kashmir is such fascinating tourist spot of this south Asia, packed within Himalayan premises.