I love eating, being lazy and avoiding gym or yoga. But still I wish for an healthy and fit body. These drinks are magical to make this happen. Everyday you must consume detox water to remain fresh and energized.

It glows your skin and activates the new cells into your body.

Lemon Ginger

The basic drink is a mixture of yellow lemon and ginger into the water. Ginger having an strong essence and helps in metabolism of the body. Lemon further to it helps to break down the calories.

Cucumber Lemonade

A simple drink with pieces of unpeeled or peeled cucumber with the lemon. It degrades your fat stored and helps to burn calories. It is also used as cleanser.

Lemon Mint

The fresh mixture of lemon and lushy green mint is very refreshing . This detox water is filled with vital vitamins and minerals needed in our body.

Fruit Mint

The sweet fruits like watermelon and strawberry well mixed with mint is an efficient detox drink. It is delicious and healthy. It brings and tasty sign to your tongue.

Pineapple cucumber

If you want to reduce your tummy , this delicious quencher can make miracles. It also help to increase the rate of metabolism. It is full of antioxidants and help to release fat. Pineapple help you to get some type of viatmins added into your body. Like the cucumber, pineapples are full of antioxidants, though we love them most for their sweet tart flavor. This can be subsitute for sports drink and help to reduce and burn calories.

Ingriedients for pineapple cucumber

1) 1 cup fresh mint leaves

2) 1 medium cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced

Detox water are the simplest way to prepare and serve it for yourself. It is always better to consume detox water than keeping your stomach empty. It will surely help you to burn your calorie. It's the easiest and an effective mode of keeping yourself fine and hydrated.