Delayed Ejaculation: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Mahira Agarwal
Feb 18, 2020   •  14 views

Delayed ejaculation is the opposite of premature ejaculation. Ejaculation is a condition when a person ejaculates without control before or shortly after penetration during sexual intercourse. It occurs with minimal sexual stimulation and the person does not really desire ejaculation so quickly. And in delayed ejaculation, a person cannot reach the peak even after having sex for a long time and cannot ejaculate. This does not result in a satisfactory amount of pleasure from the sexual act for both partners.

This gives the person pressure to perform and additional anxiety adds to the patient's distress. It is the most common of the manifestations of sexual diseases in men. Almost all men succumb to the condition at one point in their sex lives.

So today we tell you about some of the delayed ejaculation Causes and Symptoms, so let's start.

Causes of Delayed ejaculation:-

The exact cause of most cases is not yet known when research is done, and there is a lack of clarity about this. With the passage of time, men learn to postpone their orgasm slightly. New sexual partners often trigger. Such a situation can arise from certain sexual situations. Long periods between ejaculations may also be to blame. Conditions that cause delayed ejaculation are:

  • Medication side effects.

  • Alcohol.

  • Nerve damage.

  • Spinal cord injury.

  • Increasing age.

  • Blood pressure.

Symptoms of Delayed ejaculation:-

The basic symptom of premature ejaculation after admission is the inability to ejaculate or delay ejaculation. The problem can also occur during sexual activity and masturbation. There may be some Symptoms.

  • Fear of pregnancy.

  • lost confidence.

  • Performance anxiety.

  • Poor body image.

Treatment for Delayed Ejaculation:-

Delayed ejaculation treatment depends on the cause of the person's illness, but may include taking medication or changing the medications you currently take, undergoing psychological counseling or drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs. If you have a delayed ejaculation disease, don't worry, its cure is possible. There is a trained doctor in Jaipur for delayed ejaculation treatment, Dr. Chirag Bhandari, who has given a new life to the sexual life of many people. There are several methods for delayed ejaculation treatment, some of which are as follows.

1.Male fertility Treatment:- Delayed ejaculation can be treated by male fertility treatment. Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health (IASH) provides male fertility treatment for Delayed ejaculation in Jaipur.

2. Couple therapy:- Couples therapy is offered in support of those who may consider separation or demand better intimacy and understanding. There are many problems in which one of the problems of Delayed ejaculation is that it can be easily treated by a couple therapy.

Some other remedies:-

Some tips you can easily do and to get rid of delayed ejaculation.

  • Use erotic fantasy and sex games.

  • Watch erotic videos and magazines before sex to increase the feeling of excitement

  • Use sex toys to increase pleasure.

  • Use sex cream or jelly so that sex becomes seductive.

  • Do not masturbate

  • Do not hurry sex too fast and keep a few days' gapes.

  • Stop consuming drugs and alcohol.


If you are taking any such medicine, then that medicine can cause delayed ejaculation, if you are taking such medicine then consult with your doctor to reduce the dose of the medicine. Switching drugs may solve the problem.

Medications used to treat delayed ejaculation are.

  1. Amantadine

  2. Buspirone

  3. Cyproheptadine

There are no medicines specifically intended for the treatment of delayed ejaculation that is intended for the treatment of delayed ejaculation. Medications used for the treatment of delayed ejaculation are mainly used for the treatment of other conditions.

More Information:-

When to see a doctor.

  • If delayed ejaculation is a cause of the problem between you or your spouse.

  • If you have another health problem that is causing delayed ejaculation, then you should consult a specialist.

  • You have other symptoms with delayed ejaculation that may seem related that may or may not be related.

Questions to ask your doctor:-

Q. What is the biggest reason for my delayed ejaculation?

Q. What kind of treatment do I need to do?

Q. Is this problem chronic or temporary?

Q. Are there treatments available for this?

Q. Will there be any harm to my treatment?

Q. Are there any common drug options you can tell me?

Q. Should I see a trained sexologist?

Q. Where can I get more information about the status of my illness?