The Social And Economic Impact Of Modern Communication Technology.

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Modern Communication Technology Effects.

Quite clearly society which is able to utilize advanced communication technology like satellites, computers, etc. would develop a completely different social and national economy. It'd be are worked in society with a completely different mode, besides the impact on the trade, administration, public establishments, and work, even family life would end remodification.employing anew technology newspaper already been printed at the same time from several cities, railways and airline booking being created by that carries booking data updated each moment, doctors in one country will treat patients in another country, conferences are often commanding with individuals sitting in their own offices; the sear howling development and additionally entire factories being run mechanically, by robots in advanced countries. All of those communication revolutions is there, however, the most questionaries, however, is whether or not the advanced communication technology can, in fact, edges all countries equally and every one section of our individuals equally. There already reason to believe that the advanced countries did not solely have a monopoly of technology of communication however additionally the facility to distort and show data within the method they like. Moreover, in-anybody country, those that have already got larger access to data probably to profit over the differents most likely creating the rich-poor dividescammer&an easy example is advertising on TV or other media, which may produce a requirement for the factor we tend to don't would like or promoting culture or superficial assimilation. Of course, it permits larger companies to beat smaller ones that cannot pay equally on the promotion.

The impact of knowledge technology on our ancient communication system has additionally to be thought of. In different words, what impact can the new communication technology wear our traditions and culture? In our country, ancient varieties of communication are used for such functions as dispelling belief, demo deeper captions, and unscientific attitudes. These are found effective and acceptable to the individuals as a result of the people's art home with them & practitioners of the normal media use a delicate sort of persuasion by presenting the message in inventive and never the less only too acquainted forms. Examples abound wherever song, drama, dance teams and, therefore, the like aren't to campaign against social evils or for advanced in farming, health, nutrition, and family welfare.
The task before our communication system is to use the normal media whether or not they are native traditional knowledge, ballads, and storytelling or perhaps some proverbs that have their origin in our mythology. Jatra inWest Bengal, Burrakatha instate, Villuppatu in Tamil Nadu & the Tamasha in a geographical region or Qawwali in Uttar Pradesh, all have the capability of getting used for eradicating social evils and additionally for encouraging individual participation in development programs, a number of these from were effectively utilized in our freedom struggle to awaken national consciousness.



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