Artificial Intelligence : Boon Or Bane

Likhita S
Mar 19, 2019   •  15 views

Everyone must have heard of artificial intelligence at least once. It has been a field of interest for the past few decades. It is stated as “the imitation of the thinking process of a human by machines”. Simply put, it is enabling a machine to think.

It’s a known fact that machines make our life easier and if these machines can make certain decisions, then obviously our work will be much simpler. Computers also increase the speed with which a task is carried out, and artificial intelligence take it one level higher. A user can interact with such machines in their natural language. It is very comfortable to give commands. The machine can interpret and execute such commands. The best example would be speech recognition software, like the Google assistant, which carry out spoken commands.

Artificial intelligence is being implemented in many fields from transportation to the health sector. There are still many applications that are yet to be discovered and further explored. The possibilities are endless. What might be impossible today, can become possible in the future. The development and implementation of artificial intelligence is to be highly anticipated.With the help of artificial intelligence, we can explore areas which are inaccessible to humans, like the outer space. This will be very useful for research purposes and can also give us an idea about anything beyond our solar system. We can use artificial intelligence to replace humans in repetitive tasks.

Even then many people are skeptical about it since we are becoming more and more dependent on machines. When humans become too much dependent on machines, they lose their creativity, and the ability to think and make decisions on their own.Another reason is that, people are afraid of unemployment, in case machines replace humans at work.Also, if in wrong hands, technology can cause a lot of destruction.

Every coin has two faces.

Just like a coin, everything has advantages and disadvantages. It is up to us, to use it for the good or the bad. The past has set many examples as to what happens if something is not utilized properly. Therefore, this technology should be properly utilized for the benefit of humanity.



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