Have you been unnoticed?. Then change people according to your thoughts and wishes?........really want to know how to do this?, Keep on reading.

Before controlling someone, just think what if someone tries to change you?. Will you change yourself for someone else???...

If someone changes you unknowingly, will you aggree it?. Everybody's answer will be NO, right?. So my dear friends please be yourself and cherish the life with our fellow beings.

Rather then changing people accordingly, try to make them understand what you think. One can be happy only if he lives the life like he wish. Yes, off course people change, act, speak, use based on the situation and their needs, because changes are the only permanent thing in the world. So accept when people change and never try to get back them to the previous state. They are changing based on their wishes, so let them be them and mainly you be yourself always.

But still you can change people, when they are SICK, DEPRESSED, in a FAILURE, UNHAPPY etc,. Give them positive thoughts and make them strong.

You have to control people in some cases, but purely for their 'Goodness'. Here are some tricks to do that.

°Use nouns instead of verbs.

°Make them feel guilt of what they are doing.

°Give them positive thoughts as much as you can.

°Switch up the words you are using.

°Listen first and ask for a favor and can explain the reason for your request to them.

°Tell them the fact.

°Think about their point of view and Play a word chess.

There are many ways to control someone and many can do it, but for what we uses it matters.


°Don't dominate people by showing their negatives.

°Don't try to control their right by controlling their mind.

°Don't try to control someone everytime, even if it's good for them.

Be Good and Let People Be Good