The Strangest Cat In The World

Kunal Deo
Jun 22, 2019   •  3 views

Throughout our history we've always wondered about the unknown trying to understand things we haven't before. We are naturally curious asking questions about everything we see, hear, smell and imagine. We have asked about our purpose in the universe, if life exits on other planets and why everything moves towards the Earth and not towards the sky. In some cases we got some simple, beautiful and elegant answers and the other answers that defied common sense.

Once someone said common sense is not so common, that someone was Voltaire. We all agree that common sense is useful when it comes to our daily lives, Erwin Schrodienger would disagree. Quantum mechanics is one of the most baffling and interesting fields in physics today, it is a field that defies all common sense. So as you read about this you might want to forget everything you know about the world otherwise, it is going to be extremely stressful to yours or anyone's brain.

So back to Schrodinger and now he has an imaginary cat, this cat (lovingly called as "Schrodinger's cat" by millions) is put in an imaginary box, and the box is sealed tightly. Now this box is connected to a flask of poison gas. This flask has a 50% chance of releasing the gas into the box, killing the cat, and 50% that it won't, sparing the cat. Now Schrodinger asked, is the cat dead or alive?

Now the common sense approach to this would be, open the box and if it's dead.......cry or if its alive rejoice, but Shrodinger is a physicist and physicists love toying with common sense. So he decides to take a more probabilistic approach to things. He decided the cat was dead and alive until you open the box when it becomes dead or alive. Now I guess some of you might still be scratching your heads over the possibility of this. You're not alone. Imagine you are ordering pizzas with your friend. The problem is that you and your friend have vastly different tastes and the second problem is that this pizza place forgets to label their pizzas (3/5 on Zomato). So you guys decide to order two pizzas, one is your favorite and the other is your friends' favorite, everyone is happy. So using this analogy, one of the pizzas is the cat being dead and the other is the cat being alive, both the pizzas being what the cat could be. It could be dead or alive. You know there are two pizzas but you don't know which pizza has what until you open the box. But, before you open the box you know that "It is either what I like or what my friend likes" and then you open the box you realise for certain that it is that pizza with pineapple which you will never order and give it to your friend (who is probably me cause pineapple pizzas actually taste wonderful or maybe its just 50% me.....yeah I'll stop).

So that is the story of the strangest and most baffling cat in the world, Garfield you have competition.



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