India is not just a country but a mixture of 29 different states with different culture and different heritage. One such state of India is Bihar, the oldest plus the historical one. Bihar is a state with many towns and a lot of villages. Here people can breathe the air of both, urban and rural one. If we will give a glance in the pages of history then we can find that how rich and pure is Bihar. And it is not just the history but the present and the coming future too that will prove others about the greatness of Bihar and Biharies.

Bihar is mostly known for maths and the language called bhojpuri and because of these two others try to stereotype Biharies. But they forget that we are the one who gave 0, we are the one who gave this country the first-ever President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, it is the place where Lord Buddha decided to meditate and to achieve the worldly knowledge. Well, one may can say that these all were past but they can't underestimate the present too. Bihar has a lot number of youth with a lot of talent. Politics of Bihar is always in talk and can be considered as the biggest state with great and controversial political power.

Developing tourism of Bihar

Nowadays the tourism of Bihar has grown a lot. In every roadside walls, we can see the culture of Bihar through Madhubani painting. Metro, bridges, highways are the projects which are in progress. Recently in many places of the capital of Bihar, that is Patna, we can see new tourists places like Sabhayata Dwaar, Gandhi Sangralaya, Bihar Museum, etc.

The fair of Bihar is quite famous in whole India. Food like, "litti chokha", "puri bhujiya" is the most common and famous one not just in Bihar but in the whole India. It is now also becoming the education hub for the students of all fields. Universities like, Arayabhatta University, Chanakya Law University, NIFT PATNA, Patna University, Magadh University has now become the dream colleges for many students. There are also many coaching centers for a student who are preparing for IIT, NEET, BANK, RAILWAY, SSC, etc. Nowadays many producers of films are choosing Bihar as their location of the shooting and also the actors of bhojpurifilm industry are now well known in India. The days are not too far when people will stop stereotyping Biharis. Because we always care about saying hum (we) instead of sayingmain (I). Let's stop stereotyping biharies and stop judging Bihar because it is also a part of India with the name of Bharat, India, Hindustan, Aryabhata, Riwa in it.



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I agree, this article is totally true.