Why am I always thinking about my past? Why am I always worrying about my future?

Human beings spend their life either in thinking about the mistakes they had made in their past or in concerning about their future. In doing so they forget that being human they cannot change what has already happened in the past and what will be going to happen in the future. What is there with them always is the present.

It is said that one should live for the moment because everything else is uncertain. What we are experiencing now will become past tomorrow. By living in the thoughts of past or future we forget to live in the present. By living in the present one can ensure of creating a better past and future.

Living in the past or future makes us unaware of what happening in the present world around us. It distracts us from our present. Happiness and satisfaction for which everyone is struggling so hard is the matter of present. Living the life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it one can get that happiness for which we are worried.

The most common health problems found these days are tension, anxiety, hypertension, stress and depression. All these problems which were not a matter of thought for the people in the past now have become diseases in the present world. All these problems occur to people because they are trying to create a happy future by destroying their present which is not possible. By living in present they may not even develop these problems.

Thinking about the past and future will definitely allow people to pass their time but will never take them forward in life. This is similar to be seated on a rocking chair which will provide you something to do but will never gets you anywhere.

‘Present’ is called so because it the gift given by God to us. It is the only thing which is fully in our hands. One can use it in any way we want. So stop regretting about past and being anxious about future. Just start living your life being in the present moment enjoying it to the fullest.