Dark Web And 5 Activities That Are Happening Illegally In Dark Web!

Krishna Hariharan
May 20, 2019   •  225 views

Before diving into the topic, let's make sure that what our internet(web) is composed of. They are of three types. They are dark web, deep web and surface web. Lets first understand what they are.

The surface web is the web where sites and search engines that we use in our day to day life are available. For Example Google, Facebook. Its hard belief, but the fact is that the normal millions and millions of websites that we access over the internet contributes only 4-10% of the entire web content available on the above mentioned three categories.

We all human beings use this in the name of surfing. There are around 1.8 billion active surface web users every day.


The deep web is the web which is used by the private companies and governments of different countries. It is invisible to normal users like us. A normal person cannot hack into it and use them normally like the surface web. This contributes to the remaining 90% of the web content.

Examples: E-mail, country’s army websites for some secret missions, government reports.

This was started by the US army to have a virtual place to communicate with total anonymity (being anonymous) which is not accessible to other countries. They also spread this dark web worldwide and enabled others to use them so that it is difficult for others to spot their secret operations.

Dark Web is a subset of the deep web which is also unavailable to normal users but could be made accessible using TOR (The Onion Router) browser. This has to be used along with VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the dark web. Dark webs have many dark sites that do activities that are illegal in surface web. Let us see a few of those mind-blowing dark webs and their activities.

There is a dark site selling fashion products. But the interesting thing is, they sell fashion products that are made out of human that are to be used by the human. Sound weird right? Example: Belts made out of human flesh. There was a website called humanleather.co.uk which reads.

“All products are carefully hand-crafted by experienced master craftsmen, with years of experience in handling the finest leather known – human leather"

Another example is shoes made of human flesh. They cost around 14,000$ on the dark web.

There are forums in dark web where people look for human flesh to taste. There are also people in the same forum who post about the qualities of their flesh so that it could be tasted for money. There was a website called cannibal café where people to be eaten and people who want to eat humans meet. There always tips and advises on the best way to cook someone.

There are also websites which sell frozen meat of human, just like how Amazon and Flipkart get our desired product on the doorstep.

This includes video clips and images of puppies or cats being crushed or even burnt alive. There was a site called cruel onion WIKI which has videos of women killing and torturing animals usually in a sexualized fashion. The animal being abused range from bats, cats to even tortoise and they would be crushed or sat on by fully nude or semi-nude women.


There are dark sites that are run by a doctor or a group of doctors where they perform unethical procedures or illegal experiments on people off the streets. Experiments include pain tolerance, drug testing, starvation, and these experiments are at times done even on pregnant women. After experimentation, the bodies are dissected and disposed of through meat shops.

The tagline on a website like this, which state “Not all humans are equal, some of them are born superior to others!”

They are called "Red Rooms" It is a pay per view live streaming of human being tortured or even murdered cruelly. They charge a minimum of 10,000$ to watch it live. There are also many being arrested by the police of the USA for various purposes.



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