Weren't Flying Cars Our Dream For 2020?

Krishnendu K
Jan 27, 2019   •  3 views

What about a car flying in space?

Space X is a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company. They are headquartered in Hawthorne and Elon Musk is the CEO of the company. Recent developments in the industry suggest that Space X might be the biggest thing that is gonna change the whole game in space. As we know Space X launched Falcon Heavy and it is apparently"the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two”, according to their website. With a cherry red Tesla Roadster tapped on top of it for the rocket’s final burn, the Falcon sensationalised it’s own launch with all the attention it attained. Space X aced technical as well as business field with the launch. Since it has reduced the costs of launching rockets considerably, the company emerged as the most successful in both the fields as of present.

Space X’s next big project is ‘Starlink’ for which it has been raising $500 million according to the Wall Street journal ‘s report on 18th December, 2018. ‘Starlink’ is a massive satellite Internet project wherein the company plans to send 4425 broadband satellites into low-Earth orbit in the beginning and around 7518 satellites on a later date. This would be one of the greatest projects ever if it succeeded because then ‘Starlink’ will be able to offer broadband speeds as fast as fiber optic networks, for a fraction of cost.

Space X has been making the world of space cheaper since long. Since it is a private company, the secret of its pricing isn’t divulged. Also, it has not filed patents. This might be an attempt to keep the aspects of it’s unique technology a secret. Though the secrets are still safe within the company, in a recent interview Musk said that Space X operated with a Silicon Valley operating system and DNA. This implies that the company is vertically integrated. The entire supply chain of Space X was built uniquely and separately and this includes all of it’s components. The company’s recent innovations in it’s processes might have also helped it in it’s overall achievement and lowering the launching costs. An example of this is it’s infrastructure where they placed the production floor and engineering right next to each other. Also, it’s two-stage rockets carry just one set of fuel tanks with propellants as opposed to three in most other rockets.

One of the most coveted feathers in the company’s cap is it’s launch of reusable rocket. This can help Space X in lowering their launch costs even more as launching of reusable rockets cam be done on a much lower budget. Apparently, Musk’s ultimate dream is to send humans to Mars. Though we cannot be sure of that dream coming true, one thing we can be sure of is that Space X will continue going up the ladder, like it has been in the recent past, awing every single person on the planet. A cherry red Tesla Roadster in space used to exist only in our wildest dreams, but this giant leap taken by Space X with the launching of Falcon has promised us greater treats in the near future.

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