Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging And Whatsapp Merging Into One?

Krishnendu K
Feb 01, 2019   •  6 views

We have all had days where we just whiled away time switching through the three main social media sites. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are our friends who makes it seem 24 hours does not exist a day. But, here is an idea, what if the texting part of all these apps were merged into one?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook stated that by 2020, they aim to achieve this very idea. The motive is to integrate WhatsApp, messenger and Instagram chats.

Zuckerberg also added that it is actually a bit early to think about the integration plan. He wants it to be a long – term project. According to him, it is a 2020 thing or maybe even later.

He acclaimed that it is not about the commercial implications but rather the concerns about data encryption. Like WhatsApp has end to end encryption, all chats can achieve this after the apps are merged. Since people are fond of this, Zuckerberg believes that this is the future path. He also said that there has been instances were people told him they wished they could text across different apps.

The Irish data protection commission (IRDPC) warned Facebook about its plan and ordered an ‘urgent briefing’ of this whole plan. Since the whole plan revolves around sharing of data between various apps, the DPC will be scrutinising the whole process.

Zuckerberg also wants people to understand that this will actually increase the ways an app can be utilised. It also enhances the whole experience it renders. He said that there are a lot of Marketplace users in Facebook, even in countries where WhatsApp is the primary messaging app. He added that the key is to make surethey are able to communicate across different apps. So that the transactions and connections can be facilitated in a better way.

Zuckerberg believes that this is a way to decentralise and put power in people’s hands. End to end encryption is one method to decentralise in the whole messaging system.

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