Diabetes And Its Home Remedies.

Krati Sharma
Feb 01, 2019   •  2 views

Diabetes currently affects more than 62 million Indians, which is more than 7.1% of the adult population. The average age on onset is 42.5 years. Nearly 1 million Indians die due to diabetes every year In India, a recent study showed that total annual expenditure by patients on diabetes care be, on average,INR 10,000 in urban areas and INR 6,260 in rural areas.Mainly diabetes involve problem with the hormone insulin. Normally ,the pancreas [an organ behind the stomach] releases insulin to help our body store and use the sugar[glucose]and fat from the food we eat.


Type 2 diabetes—also called adult onset diabetes in which pancreas can’t make enough insulin.

Type 1 diabetes—a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin[also called juvenile diabetes].

Prediabetes –a condition in which blood sugar is high, but not enough to be type 2 diabetes[also called impaired glucose tolerance].

Gestational diabetes—a form in whichthere is high blood sugar level due to placental harmones in pregnant women[also called diabetes during pregnancy].

Home remedies for diabetes

Regular exercise can help a patient to lose weight and increase insulin sensitivity.[exercises include weight lifting,briskwalking,running,biking,dancing,hiking,swimming and more]

Low carb diet helps reduces blood sugar level and prevent blood sugar spikes.

Fibre slows carb digestion and sugar absorption. For these reasons, it promotes a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels.

Drink water and stay hydrated.

By choosing foods with low glycemic index like seafood , meat, eggs, oats, barley, beans, lentils, legumes, sweet potatoes, corn, yams, most fruits and non starchy vegetables.

By controlling stress level as Stress can affect your blood sugar levels. Hormones such as glucagon and cortisol are secreted during stress. These hormones cause blood sugar levels to go up. One study showed that exercise, relaxation and meditation significantly reducing stress and lowered blood sugar levels for students.

By taking chromium and magnesium rich food. Chromium is involved in carb and fat metabolism. It also helps control blood sugar levels, and a lack of chromium may predispose you to carb intolerance. Studies also report mixed findings. Two studies of diabetes patients showed that chromium had benefits for long-term blood sugar control. However, another study showed no benefits . Chromium-rich foods include egg yolks, whole-grain products, high-bran cereals, coffee, nuts, green beans, broccoli and meat. Magnesium-rich foods include dark leafy greens, whole grains, fish, dark chocolate, bananas, avocados and beans.

Apple cider vinegar promotes lower fasting blood sugar levels, possibly by decreasing its production by the liver or increasing its use by cells .

Cinnamon acts as insulin, although at a much slower rate .

Berberine has been shown to help lower blood sugar and enhance the breakdown of carbs for energy.

fenugreek can effectively lower blood sugar in diabetics. It also helps reduce fasting glucose and improve glucose tolerance.

Due to aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties, it is said to control the blood sugar levels.

Jamun and its leaves have proven to be helpful in lowering the blood sugar levels.

People who has chronic diabetes should consume foods rich in Vitamin C every day. Some foods rich in Vitamin C are amla, orange, tomato and blueberry