Best Places To Visit In Mcleod Ganj

Komal Paharia
Jul 16, 2019   •  27 views

McLeod Ganj, Himacahal Pradesh is one the few places in India where you can see the perfect blend of Indian and Tibetan cultures living in peace. This place is full of beautiful tourist points to visit and admire their beauty. Be it soothing weather, adventurous trekking, eye catchy sceneries or their mouthwatering food stalls. Make sure you carry camera to capture the beauty of this place.

1. Bhagsu falls

Bhagsu fall, one of the famous waterfall in McLeod Ganj. Its lush green surroundings and peaceful environment will make you skip your heartthrobs. This is the place where tourists can relax, take a dip in chilling water, click beautiful pictures and grab some mouthwatering food from nearby places. The waterfall starts from religious place called Dhauladhar. The water of this waterfall becomes more chilled during winter season so it gets tough to take dip in this water.

2. Triund

Triund is one of the most popular and must visit place in McLeod Ganj. Its breathtaking view will amaze you. There is this one simple and short trek from McLeod Ganj to Triund. This place is best to visit with your friends and enjoy the food stalls around or in between the trekking towards Triund. Camping at this beautiful place won’t drag you in regret and the sky view from Triund is a sight itself. So, if you ever think of visiting McLeod Ganj then don’t forget to add this place in your bucket list, you will surely love this.

3. Dharamkot

Popular as the Yoga Village, it is ideal to spend some time away, meditating in peace and getting inner blessing. Trekking is one of the most popular activities at Dharamkot. It is base to the most popular hikes in the region. The tiny hamlet is blessed with astounding views of the nearby Kangra Valley. This is must visit place for those who love spending time in meditation and alone with inner peace.

4. Dal lake

This beautiful lake is around 3-4kms from McLeod Ganj and near the village Tota rani. The dal lake is small yet beautiful and picturesque place to visit. The lake has little greenish water because of the presence of different kind of fishes. A grand fair also happens at the bank of this lake in the month of September. The lake with greenery around and soothing environment is perfect place to visit with your friends and loved ones. This is also perfect to stop and relax if you’re trekking to Naddi, also known as Sunset point.

5. Namgyal monestry

The Namgyal Monastery is often referred to as "Dalai Lama's Temple". The foundation of Namgyal Monastery was laid down in the 16th century by the second Dalai Lama and was set up for the monks to help Dalai Lama in religious affairs. The serenity and ambience that this place creates in the minds are enough to attract the visitors.

6. Masoor temple

This Indian temple at McLeod Ganj reveals the beauty of North Indian Nagra style. This is the must visit place to witness the marvelous artistic masterpiece. Masoor temple attracts the tourists towards its eye catchy art forms.

7. Guna devi temple

This temple is near McLeod Ganj and most beautiful place to visit. This temple is dedicated to goddess Kali. This place not only makes tourists to visit this temple but also them to witness and cherish the mesmerizing views of Kangra valley. This temple not only gives the amazing view of hikes and also some tasty food stalls located nearby.

8. Sunset point

As the name says it all sunset point provides you the most amazing and mesmerizing view of sunsetting. This also known as Naddi. This enthralling view allows you to capture its beauty and make memories for life. Remember to carry camera to capture the eye catchy views at this point.

9. Kareri lake, Kangra

It is high altitude, fresh water lake and 2934 meters above the sea level. The water in this lake is basically the melted snow from Dhauladhar range, and because of this reason the clarity of lake water is too good. Kareri lake is best known for being a trekking destination.

10. Kangra fort, Kangra

Situated on the outskirts of Kangra town. The ancient touch of this fort attracts the visitors most towards it. It is known to have the wars, love, royalty of ancient times. On the top of this fort one can get the view of valley located nearby.

While making plans to McLeod Ganj don’t forget to add these places in your list.