Get in habit of asking yourself: "Is this going to bring me CLOSER TO ,or FURTHER AWAY from the life I want to live ?"

We all are probationer in this cosmic world. Dream of every individual, living every single second of his entity , is to become a dynamo and this thirst leads him to an endless road which seems to have no board which says SUCCESS...

What's the reason of this endless competiton? Wait , When I say Competiton , it probably would have left an imprint on your mind that I am talking about COMPETITION WITH OTHERS. But NO, I am talking about COMPETITION WITH YOUR OWN MORTAL.

Well, just read the lines with bold again... Have you ever wondered Why? A simple answer to this embroiling question is that " Success is not a DESTINATION instead it's a JOURNEY". And believe me most of the entities forget this unembellished phrase and live a life which is nothing but A COMPETITION WITH THOUSANDS SIMILAR TO US JUST TO BE A STEP FORWARD FROM THEM .

If you want to be successful in this world, you have to follow your passion, not a paycheck! Success, for many souls, is to earn thousands of bucks , own a lavish bunglow and fancy cars. But , according to me , Success is when you do something that others think you can't.And to do so, one must work hard to prove the opponents wrong. Remember, the ONLY place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is the DICTIONARY.

Life is like a CROSSROAD with many choices. A choice ,made by you, can either MAKE YOU or BREAK YOU . But friends, Every success is usually an admission ticket to new set of decisions . Great things never come from Comfort Zone. Stay positive, work hard , make it happen.


Every Morning you have TWO choices:

  1. Continue to sleep with your dreams

  2. OR Get up and chase them

If you can't help you to help yourself then nobody in this entire world can help you to help yourself !!