Ocean and life? Sounds like a good combination isn't? Ocean is the place where different creatures live together under the same roof ( water ). Might be the group of different creatures but still united. Unity in diversity. Life is almost same like ocean. Read on!

Life is almost like a ocean and the ocean is almost a life. It gives so many life lessons and inspires people to move further. The aspects which do justice to the statement "ocean is a life & life is a ocean" are as follows :-

It goes up and down like waves

Life is all about ups & downs, thick and thin or whatever you call it. Just like waves life goes up and down. Sometimes it gifts you with immense happiness and joy and sometimes it thrills you with miserables. At the end what is important is how quickly you cope up with things and stand still to face the joy and troubles.

It's long and big

Life is long and big just like ocean. Some are gifted with long life and some are not but it's the matter of living happily in how many ever days you stay alive and make a positive impact around you. Not all the creatures in ocean will live for long some may die in a month and some may live for years together, but they do make an impact around them by inspiring others that "nothing is permanent "

​The colour blue

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. This qualities are very much essential to lead a happy life. The ocean also symbolizes the traits of life i.e trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence etc as said earlier .

life is full of life (like the ocean, duh)

Ocean is full of water just like life is full of life I mean the characteristics that constitutes life. Life is full of troubles + joy +happiness + ups and downs which will fulfill the life and adds some flavour to life, without which life has no meaning .

​The depth

Mysterious creatures live at the bottom of the ocean (life) I mean the life of others may look normal for the people who observe them but the struggle that the people undergo is very much clear to the people who face it just like ocean looks calm from top. The deeper you go the better the picture will be ( the real picture of ocean, the rare facts ).

The comparison that feels right is ocean and life. It defines life in a better and best way than anything else. It's the perfect example to prove the qualities and aspects of life. Live the life to the fullest . Don't get afraid to sail the life boat because at the end it's an experience that matters to get up and try again. It may be positive or negative but give it a try you shall reap the benefits soon. Never give up keep trying till your last breathe. !