"Writing" the best thing that happened in my life. I some how got an immense interest in writing whatever I feel and sometimes that worked well to bring back my mood from a depressed state to a normal state. I used to write in my phone notes. Days passed and I tried applying for internships as I felt that my write ups to be read by all and that's when my friend made me apply for internship in wrytin while we were climbing the stairs. I swear she literally made me apply for that internship by making me stand on the stairs itself. I think that was the best decision I made in my life.

I have applied and to my surprise I received an offer letter for internship from wrytin within 2 days. That day was one of the best day in my life. I then started my journey with wrytin. I wrote my first article of the week named "The positivity in experiencing pain" trust me I couldn't believe that my article moved so many hearts. My friends read it and started sending me reviews and feedback. I felt really honoured and motivated after reading those reviews. Sometimes the best and life changing opportunities doesn't come by knocking your door You need to treasure them. I didn't treasure the opportunity which I got through wrytin but my friend Gayatri Padmanabhan has treasured it for me. I really felt blessed to have her in my life.

Thank you Gayatri !


During the initial stages of internship I had a difficulty in finding the topics to write. I somehow managed to gather topics and continued writing. Some of my friends, well wishers suggested topics to me. The suggested topics were The psycopath , The impact of Appreciation, The vegans life . The other topics are inspired from my friends life. The inspired topics are Passion vs Identity , Unscripted love story , Habits and Addictions , Creative , An Epitome etc. In this way I finally completed writing articles in wrytin.

The journey thought me so many life lessons. It bought some people close, made me meet new people, gifted me new souls, made me acknowledge the true friends who will be with me in my journey of success. I got to know the efficiency of my writing skills through their reviews and feedbacks. I even got to know how many really cared about my work. I feel truely blessed to have those caring souls around me. I really want to thank each and every single person who believed in me and read each and every article of mine and gave a genuine feedback.

This journey with wrytin will be remembered forever and will be cherished for sure. If there were no deadlines and targets set, then I would have not completed the work so assigned. Sometimes deadlines brings the best in you like it bought in me. I literally wrote 7 + articles in this week to complete my task and guess what I have done it. That's the way I started and ended ( only with wrytin ). It will continue for sure. I'll continue writing, this journey of writing articles relating to different aspects inspired me write a little more and more.

Thankyou! For being a part of my journey.



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Thank you:)