Breathtakingly Beautiful Lakes In India

Kashish Gambhir
Jul 22, 2019   •  65 views

Right from the glacier lakes of Himalayan ranges to the clear waters of Kerala, India caters lots of beautiful lakes. Lakes are one of the important tourism magnets in India. Starting from picnic to water sports, these lakes attract all kinds of tourists. Here are some beautiful lakes in India that you should not miss.

Wular Lake

Wular Lake in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the largest lakes in Asia and the largest lake in India. This lake is regarded as the delta of Jhelum river in Kashmir. The green waters of the lake attract the tons of tourists from all over the world. The beauty of this lake is further enhanced by the snowy peaks that surround the water of lake from all sides. Wular is also a home to a variety of fish and rich species of birds and wildlife.

Chilka Lake, Orissa

Chilka Lake is the brackish water lake and is also the largest coastal lake in India. This beauty of Orissa is Asia's largest inland salt-water lagoon. It is affectionately called as Swiss Lake of the continent. It is the paradise for migratory birds which are also the main attraction of this place. The huge population of greater Flamingo, Pelican and Brahmani Duck can be seen at Chilka Lake.

Lonar Lake, Maharashtra

Lonar Lake in Maharashtra is one unexplored beauty of India which is only known by the avid travelers and trekkers. It was created by a large meteor that fell at this place and is also known as Lonar Crater lake. The short trek to this place is a treat for wildlife lovers. You will be wished by the dense forests and variety of birds. This lake is a beautiful weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune.

Loktak Lake, Manipur

This iconic lake, located in Bishnupur district is known for its circular floating swamps ( called phumdis in the local language ). The largest floating island covers an area of 40 square km. Loktak lake is not just a lake; it is indeed a way of livelihod for the people, a natural treasure of amazing flora and fauna, and a major tourist attraction. Visitor's can have a bird's eye view on the people living in and around the lake, the shimmering blue water of the lake and colourful water plants.

Vembanad Lake, Kerala

It is the longest lake in India situated in the state of Kerala. It is first and foremost green algae rich lake of India. The lake is divided into parts by a barrier, so you can actually differentiate between tha brackish and alkaline waters. There is a bird sanctuary nearby this lake so you can witness various birds chirping around. You can also hire a houseboat if you wish to spend a day or two amid the fresh water.

Gurudongmar Lake, Sikkim

It is one of the high altitude lakes of India. This lake offers the serene view with the beautiful snow-capped mountains surrounding it. The lake also holds some sacred value. The interesting thing about this lake is that it freezes in the winter except for one spot which devotees believe has been especially blessed. And, the Indian-Tibet border lies just a view miles away.