“HeyAbhinav! We are going for a dinner. Do you want to join us?”Aayushiasked, with a big smile on her face. I couldn’t help it. Ididn’t wantto upset her, but I refused her offer, halfhearted.Sheknew my reasons and with a small heart she left along with the rest of the office colleagues.

On the way back I ordered for pizza. And, as I reached home, I turn on the TV. She would be very happy and having a Pizza when she came back. Its 9 but o’clock in the pizza arrived and nothing interesting was beingtelecast.

It is very late by now. I thought to myself maybe forget she had a night duty today. Maybe she wouldn’t return even tonight. The pizza was all mine. But still without her……

I was getting bored switching the channels. Just then the Discovery Channel caught my sight.

It was showing the journey ofthe ‘AashiyanAirline’s’, whose headairhostess was my girl,Kavya. I turned the volume to full. Though the screen showed the making of its plane now, I was lost in my thoughts, the most beautiful evening I share with her.

I took her on a date, a candle night dinner. Though it was 4 years ago, I remember she look like an angel, in disguise, in her black saree with baby pink embroidery. The light blush on her cheeks made me go red. Her smile, the glittery shine of her eyes, her hair, and she….

That night I did nothing, than to stare at my girl. Tomorrow was her biggest opportunity. She was goingto bethe air hostess of the first flight ofAashiyanAirlines. I was so proud of her. Though I was upset of her not returning for a few days but the wait was worth it.

After the dinner we went to her place. I was so excited to see her in that dress her uniform, her pride, my pride.

I stood on my knees, with a ring in my hand, an engagement ring, as she came out of her roomin her black pencil skirt and a crisp white shirt. Her hairtied in a perfect bun. She wore the chain I had gifted her, last anniversary.

Along with a few tears in her eyes, she gave me her hand. Thatday, I wanted to bid off my fiancée.

With glee, I went to left her at the airport. She held my hand tightly in the entire journey.

When we reached the airport, she kissed me hard. I was too shy, with everyone seeing us. Just then, she busy into tears and embedded het h head inside my chest. I knew, she was going miss me. I just hugged her hard and said nothing.

She stepped back, smiled and walked away. “Will you wait for me?” she asked, as she hurried inside the glass door.

Suddenly there was a loud boom, which echoed in my ears. “When the plane ofAashiyanAirlines crashed, there was a lot of destruction. Around 250 people were boarded on that plane. By records 170 dead bodies are found till date, rest are still missing. Even after 4 years of the plane crash, it is still threatening…..”

I turned off the T.V.

I got up and went to the balcony and looked at the black canvas sky. It’s stars showed me her shining face.

“Yes., I will wait for you my love, till eternity,” I replied to her question.

-Kashish Chadha