The peril of drug addiction is spreading like a plague among the younger generation of India. Both the affluent as well as those living in poverty are vulnerable to drug abuse. Unfortunately, India is a happy hunting ground for drug pedlars. It is so because it is sandwiched between the so-called Golden triangle and the Golden crescent. The former area comprises Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos and the latter is covered by countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined drug abuse as persistent or sporadic excessive drug use. Addiction or physical dependence is a state whereby the body requires regular doses of a drug both legal and illegal such as heroin, cocaine, alcohol, tobacco, etc. The drug users use these drugs for a variety of purposes. Some use them for forgetting unpleasant surroundings, experiencing kicks, and easing tension and depression. Some may use them for improving their physical stamina, sexual potency, and entertainment at rave parties. Drug addiction has given rise to ever-increasing illegal trade amounting to 400 billion dollars. The United Nations has put the number of drug users all over the world at about 209 million. The reasons are not far to seek. The family bond is gradually loosening. The parents are busy in their profession. Youth residing in hostels are vulnerable to get trapped in this menace easily. They are ever in search of thrill and excitement. Drug taking has often been attributed to uncertain future, unemployment, family problems, and academic pressures.

The who takes drugs on a regular basis are prone to loose composure of mind and physical equilibrium. In the long run, they suffer from the schizophrenic state. They also develop a tendency to commit suicide. But above all, they don't hesitate in indulging in any anti-social or anti-national activity at the cost of procuring drugs. The sudden boom in the infection of AIDS is a result of unsterilized needles used by drug addicts. Besides, the pervading nature of HIV is another vital cause leading to HIV-AIDS.

The problem cannot be dealt with in piecemeal measures. A multifarious strategy is required to tackle this problem. The parents, teachers, doctors, and social workers need to work in tandem. An abuser cannot be forced to give up the habit. The initiative has to come from him. On the medical management level, it is very important to cure withdrawal symptoms. The rehabilitation program may include the provision of suitable employment, prayer, meditation and involvement in gainful activities. However, there is Narcotic Drugs and Psychological Substances Act 1985. The Act provides for a minimum punishment of ten years and a fine of two lakh for dealing in banned narcotics.

The NDPS Act was amended in 1988 to include punishment for financing illicit trade and sheltering the offenders. The Narcotic Control Bureau is also in operation to oversee the problem at the center and state levels. Due to corruption, traffic in psychoactive drugs is run in connivance with the police and other enforcement agencies. As such drug addiction is a problem that we have to overcome from different angles at a different level. Drugs and crime go hand in hand.

Addicts resort to crime to pay for drugs. Incidence of impulsive murders, physical assaults, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, etc are the common traits in the behavior of drug users. The abuse of drug has given rise to night club life and culture of rave parties. Most of the drug users belong to the productive age group of 18-35 years. Therefore, the loss in terms of human potential is tremendous.

Drug addiction is the most potential menace for the youth, society, and the country. The enemies of our country target youth and make them a drug addict to meet their end of destroying the country. There are enemies within the country in the form of anti-social and anti-national elements. It is a problem relating to the sale and purchase of drugs in the country itself. There are many types of psychoactive drugs according to their properties and the major responses they bring about. There are a number of drugs and India is a happy country. It is such a lucrative business that the political leaders interested in making money are part and parcel of the crime world.



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