Automobile industry is one of the fields which have experienced extravagant growth for decades. Introducing variety of classes, models, features, facilities and innovation, has been helping different automobile giants to stay in the race.

Over the years, new ventures and competition has increased exceedingly. It has created more options and confusions for the customers. Lot of car companies that we know of today is either a parent company to many other peer brands or being owned by another huge automobile firm.

Lamborghini by Ferruccio Lamborghini

Ferruccio founded Automobili Lamborghini in 1963 for manufacturing high-end sports cars in Italy. It is based out of Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy for producing luxury sports cars and SUVs.

His keen interest in machinery made him choose automobiles industry. He decided to work with machines related to his parent's grape farm rather than working in the farm. He launched the Lamborghini Trattori, for manufacturing tractors even before the car production.

By the time he found Lamborghini in 1963, he was already well settled with wealth from his previous ventures. Still when he stated his idea for cars, everyone criticized that he might go bankrupt for such a bizarre idea of producing sports cars. Yet he proceeded with his clear concept backed by his mechanical knowledge and launched Lamborghini which received tremendous response.

Ferruccio participated in the Turin Motor Show to officially debut his company and launch his first luxury sports car, the 350 GTV.

All this started because Lamborghini was unpleased with the performance of his newly bought Ferrari car before 1963. His direct complaint to Ferrari's owner about Ferrari's poor clutch mechanism was turned down. It led Ferruccio Lamborghini to produce his own vehicle to compete Ferrari cars. 

Ferruccio Lamborghini's ideology behind creating Lamborghini was due to the chances he saw in the least explored market. His first car launch was considered a major competitor for Ferrari at that time.

The Lamborghini manufactured engines were completely new for formula one race. Ferrari was market leader even years after Lamborghini's venture. Ferruccio's trails of various machanized concept for his engines made Lamborghini stay in the race for years.

In spite of starting his automobile industry for the love of machinery, making profit was primary for him. Thus he was bit reluctant in trying out ideas to surpass the competitor. All this did not let him slowdown from producing varied models with high powered engines.

Ferruccio Lamborghini gave up the organization in 1970 within 7 years of creating it to settle in central Italy with huge acres of grape yard. His final years he concentrated more on wine-making and farming.

Parent organization- Audi
Owner- Volkswagen
Subsidiaries- Ducati Motor Holding

Lamborghini slogan- We are not super cars, we are Lamborghini !

Lamborghini remains a luxury car which is just a dream for many people around the world.