Creativity and uniqueness gives us an edge over others in our field. Larsen & Toubro have been crafting engineering on a whole new level for 80 years. L&T Ltd. is an Indian MNC with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharastra.

L&T at present has expanded as a company with 93 subsidiaries, 34 joint-ventures, 33 joint operating firms and 8 associated major companies.

L&T Products and Services:

  • Construction

  • Construction & Mining machinery

  • Electrical Automation

  • Heavy engineering

  • Hydraulics & Hydrocarbons

  • IT Consulting & Digital solutions

  • Metallurgical and Metal handling

  • Power & Power development ltd.

  • Rubber processing machinery

  • Shipbuilding

  • Valves

Key members behind L&T

Founders: Henning Holck-Larsen & Søren Kristian Toubro

Danish engineers Henning and Soren travelled to India in 1937 & 1934 respectively to work as chemical engineers for F.L.Smidth & Co. in Copenhagen. Soon as they started working in India, they both explored the opportunities for starting own industry.

It was the time with very minimal exposure to foreign firms in India. India back then was a nation full of natural resources and abundant wealth which were not utilized. It was one of the main reasons to attract foreign countries to target India for ruling. Unlike other industrialists who made use of India's resources for making their country stabilized in profit, Larsen & Toubro found a firm to settle in India.

In 1938, Larsen and Toubro started L&T in Bombay for Danish dairy equipment manufacturers. Though the initial venture was for helping their country Denmark, eventually they had to give up on profiting off our country. World War II marked the start of cutting ties to imports from 1939. This made them both to take up jobs in and around Bombay for L&T.

1940 was another remarkable year to completely turn L&T into an Indian firm which was built, serviced and served end-to-end in India. As it was the year when Germany invaded Denmark.

Larsen and Toubro saw immense opportunities for work during the battle time. It opened gates to L&T for repairing ships during war, take up all repair and fabrication works. Construction of Soda Ash plant was handled by German engineers for TATA group which provided another chance for L&T.

Larsen who was an opportunist was ready to take up all that came their way for the growth of L&T. While Toubro remained as a workaholic to keep up the standards of the firm.

In 1944 Larsen & Toubro established the Engineering Construction and Contracts (ECC) for initiating their collaboration with global firms. After taking up various diversified openings in manufacturing and agreements, Larsen and Toubro launched L&T Private Limited in 1946 for raising additional equity capital.

Post Indian independence in 1947, L&T was branched out in Calcutta, Madras and New Delhi. Soon enough L&T grew into the biggest successful host company in India, covering diversified industries.

Henning Holck-Larsen retired from active management of L&T in 1962 and remained as the chairman emeritus. Soren Kristian Toubro served as the director of L&T from 1946-1981, retired from active management in 1962 but was a member of board of directors till 1981.

No effort was too great to ensure customer satisfaction, that there must be attention to detail in the quest for perfection, and that there must be pride in whatever was being done- Søren Kristian Toubro

L&T current management

S. N. Subrahmanyan is Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director from July 2017 and A.M.Naik, who has worked in the firm from 1965, is the Group Chairman from 2017. L&T's innovative vision has helped them to become the leading construction firm in India.

Larsen & Toubro never ceased to use any opportunity thrown their path at the moment to expand enormously. Do not fail to choose any option in your life that will never let you down !