The answer sheet felt so heavy as I held it in my hands. I knew the score couldn’t have been any good. I had just recovered from chickenpox and to ruin it more, I lost all my notes a few days before the computer summative test. It had to be bad! Even after all this, a part of me still knew that it was my fault too, as I had not put in enough effort either; but, confessing to myself didn’t help relaxing the situation. As I sat on my desk, not daring to turn the answer sheet and look at my score, I sat there telling myself that the score didn’t matter; what mattered was what I would learn from the situation. It wasn’t helping. I didn’t have the courage to look at the score but, nonetheless, I had to. As I turned the sheet, it happened. A tear rolled of my eye. I knew it was going to be bad, but this was unexpected. I had failed the test…

Failing the test had me completely broken down. I couldn’t concentrate on anything for the next few days. I knew it was entirely my fault and grieving over it wouldn’t help the least. But I constantly kept on telling myself that the main thing I needed to learn from the situation was the art of being responsible and dedicated. I had to learn to take failure in my stride and learn to perform better in the future, keeping in mind my past and what it had brought me. I needed to rise from my failures, observe the positive aspect of the situation, and take control of my future. No one would ever want to suffer failure in a field more than once.

Failing should never be related to less intelligence just as maturity should never be accompanied by age. Instead, it should be considered a part of life where one learns from his/her own mistakes. Everyone experiences failure at least once in their life. If you are not failing at something, you are definitely not learning anything new from it. Every great personality has failed once in life only to learn the mistakes and improve themselves to reach the best of their abilities. They have been to the lowest point of their lives and have yet rebounded with full dedication to succeed and become better human beings. Not only for the great personalities, this should also take place with each individual. As it is famously quoted, “Never let your failures bring joy others”. Instead, one should learn to make them one’s stepping-stone to a brighter future.

Motivated by these great people and how they took failures as a positive sign in their lives, I did the same thing and learned to appreciate the positive side of failures. I have learned to become more dedicated and responsible in life knowing that irresponsibility would never get me anywhere. Since then, I have become a better human being and have grown to be mature. My concentration on things has increased and I have become more dedicated in life. Studies all of a sudden seemed very important to me and I decided to work hard in academics to excel in life and gain a respectable position in the society.

I realized that I wanted to pursue higher studies in Computer Science, as I had been interested in them since my early childhood days. New technological inventions always had me on my feet and I wanted all of it. Even today, when the world is using so much technology in everyday life, I am yet not ready to take it for granted! The urge to grow from my failures has shaped me into the person I am today.