Improve Your Powers Of Communication....

You are bright, unless and untill the world at large knows about your brightness, good results will nt follow. This is to be done by you through your communication- there are two types of communication- internal communication and external communication, when you think clearly on a subject matter when you concentrate as to how you can organise your powers- when you think about ways and means to use your talents in a sharp focus, you do that with your internal communication.

When you convince others about highly developed personality of yours- when you convince others to follow your right and useful thoughts- you are doing that through your internal communication. We are living in the age of 'PERSUASIVE COMMUNICATION' there are so many advances in different fields. They have convinced the leaders that communication is a key factor in the modern world.

Concerning the importance of communication, one outstanding authority says,

' Communication makes possible the valued co-operation among men from various countries and it holds civilization together.'