3 Most Common Reasons For Hair Fall

Kajal Sharma
Jun 15, 2019   •  50 views

The beauty of a person depends only on his/her hair, especially for women. People never mind whether you dress perfectly or not. Thefirstattraction they look is to the beauty of your hair, no matter however you are. In olden days they considered hair as a jewel. Short or long hair it doesn’t matter people want to be proud of their hair. But thinning of hair and hair loss makes people more irritated.
According to the dermatologist, normally only 50 to 100 hairs shed daily. But if it’s more than that then it results in hair fall. When the cycle of the hair growth and shedding is disrupted or when the hair follicle is destroyed and replaced with scar tissue hair fall occurs. Even though there are many clinics and treatments for hair loss it’s only in our hands to take care of our hair.
Hair loss is very complicated. Reasons for hair loss may be numerous. We can take primitive measures by our own for hair loss. Some people get hair loss due to hereditary conditions, hormonal changes in those cases we should take treatments. But only three are the overheating reasons for hair loss. They are due to physical and mental illness, lack of vitamins and nutrition and the last one is due to some treatment of diseases.
#1. Physical And Mental Illness

Physical and mental illness describes about stress and depression which are caused and trending nowadays in this modern world. Hair loss is caused due to high level of stress and blood pressure. It’s common among working women and college students. Stress can cause the white blood cells to attack the hair follicles, causing alopecia meaning baldness. Depression plays a major role in hair loss.
#2. Dandruff main reason for hair fall

This may lead even to fungal infections like dandruff. It’s due to dry scalp, oily skin and too much of stress. Dandruff can also be a sign of fatty acid imbalance. This is a very common problem nowadays. This is the main reason while working women and college, school students suffer from these fungal diseases. For some, it’s very different to cure. Should undergo special treatments for dandruff only then it can be cured easily?Meditation can be done to overcome stress and depression. These are common among working men and women.
#3.Lacking vitamins and nutrition

Deficiencies can cause hair loss that is if you don’t get enough vitamins like vitamin A which is good for the scalp to create sebum. The next is vitamin B6 and NIACIN due to the lack of blood circulation, vitamin B12 strengthens your hair, Biotin thickens your hair, and last calcium and vitamin D and magnesium are needed for the growth of strong bones. Iron one of the major deficiencies for hair loss which reduces the red blood cells which are common among women.
Nutrients are needed for a healthy and thick hair:
Lacking of nutrients results in damage of hair fall. When your hair starts falling off, vitamin deficiency must be the main reason. Since hair is an external part it’s very important to maintain. People look forward only to the way of appearance. Women’s hair is compared to peacock. And some even say is like a crown to women. Eating enough of this hair loss vitamin related foods can control your hair loss.
Diseases that are scarring may lead to permanent hair loss. Cancer is a deadly disease. During the treatment of cancer, people lost a great amount of hair permanently. Some even become bald. Thyroid problem which also results in same and leads to scattering of hairs. Thyroid can be easily treated and can outcome with hair loss.
Out of all the treatment of cancer is worst, because cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy which makes a person permanently to loss of hair. The radiation coming from that machine affects the person scalp and due to overheat produced they become bald. Lupus which is a long term autoimmune disease in which hair becomes brittle and fall into patches. Scars which are developed by these may develop hair fall.
Loss of hair may also cause due to long-time illness which is not cured. Such as viral fever, small pox, measles etc. They long time diseases may also cause temporary hair fall. The beauty of women is not only by her appearance and way of dressing but also her hair. Exposure to the sun also sometimes may lead to breakage of hair and dryness.