Tech-Nostalgia, Joys & Mess To Remember.

Jinny Rana
May 25, 2019   •  44 views

An elaborated trip down through nostalgia lane.
Years have passed in the tech world and have come a long way over the last decades. Now we all be on tenterhooks about how smartphone spying on us and going to cost us. But back when the 90s and 2000s kids had different tech issues.

Compact Disc Collection

Back in the old days, you could go the hassle of flipping to find the correct disc for a journey. Now, with a smartphone capable of streaming Spotify, we had to lug around these.

Small Pockets & Big Tech

Basically, the choice was balancing half-in and half-out of pocket or else carry in your hand. Unfortunately, considering the ability to carry your music with you, CD players (portable) were larger than Walkman and no end of problems.

Audio Mess

Carrying CD players might be boredom, as audio tapes unwind with a pencil. At least they didn't unwind randomly in the middle of the 90s mix, lately a time to be alive.

Films & Rewinding

As of now, before the joy of Netflix and Amazon Prime video, films proceeded old-fashioned tapes. These with the hassle of having rented from local video store either you were finished up with to remember to rewind it.

Learning Patience

Kids nowadays have easy access to the Internet, and everything is available in an instant. To the days of dial-up, even a simple image would take ages to display. Even when it loaded, one might have to wait long for the web to load.

Mouse with Powered ball

Back, instead of lasers computer mice were powered by balls. Usually, it clogged up, and they were fun to play.

Gaming drama

Gaming was conveniently a lot of fun with the Game Gear and Gameboy on the scene. But devices came with dramas similar to a play on black and green screen in dark.

Overhead Projectors

Ages before the touchscreen whiteboards and Microsoft PowerPoint, the overhead projectors were mainstream for the presentations. Teachers and students alike loved the emergence of these simple machines in schools.

PC gaming

PC gaming must have been limited, but the choices were utterly classic. Minesweeper and Solitaire, the most preferred solid choice in the book. Also, one has to search dig down in a mega menu to find them though.

Phone storage

Problems with phone storage have always been top on the list, but in the old days, one would run out of space for messages. Considering classic Nokia phones well made, they weren't precise.

Blowing Cartridges

In the best days of video games on cartridges which allowed faster load, they could stop working if not cared properly. And suddenly nothing a blow couldn't solve as even a little dust on the cartridge can stop the game.

Texting a Pain

Sadly, something as simple as a text message was a topic of hassle back in the hazy days of the 90s. Likely, no predictive text or skilful keyboards, just number keys and that too pressed multiple times till the correct letter. Ultimately, it took an age to master and is now unappreciated talent that no one needs.

Writing Cheat Codes

As the year’s bygone, games also improved. Gamers were so stoned to learn cheat codes for favourite games. After all, there was no Google back then; Thus, it took to jot down these cheat codes.

In no more than 20years, we've passed on from a collection of floppy discs to unlimited cloud storage. Considering a quick trip down memory would offer some nostalgia.

What are your most warm-hearted tech memories?
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