At the context, the contents of your bag say a lot about where you are in your life and values. In my college times, I always kept ID, keys, wallet and my phone.

Once I graduated. I added more relatable items like ID, laptop, purse, pen, and notebook.

And now I have adopted a dog; In most cases, it’s filled with canine treats, food and water bowls, and leash.

As a result, I have tried to draw the line in between carrying a few essentials of “just in case” items that never come handy. To help prepare you without overstuffing your bag, here are essential things you must have before leaving home.

Overexposure to UV rays not only harm our skin but can damage your eyesas well. To reduce your chances of any effect, a pair of sunglasses should be top on what you put in your bag.

Pack of Tissues
A small pack of tissue can be useful even if you don’t have allergies.

Mini Vaseline
Personal stylist ad founders say you can get many uses out if this. It can act as a makeup remover, lip balm, blister prevention, and moisturizer. All in one container that fit into most bags.

Hand Sanitizer
Just think about all the germ contacts whether they are public handrails, doorknob, or screen of a phone within a day. Hand sanitizers, a replacement for washing your hands when you can’t get to the sink.

Hair Elastic
With wardrobe malfunction, bad weather or unexpected trip hairbands be safer in a pinch. Though having shorter hairs, a few bobby pins are also worth include in your everyday bag.

A Snack or Water Bottle
According to the nutritionists, these are essentials from picking up unhealthy holdover or from getting dehydrated.

These may depend on the circumstances you have, but it’s always better to have few painkillers or anti-inflammatory in case of an emergency.

These are non-negotiable, whether using for music or social cue and you’re not in the mood to face outside chaos.

Power banks
There’s nothing worse than to feel when you are out and your phone dies. It is must have in your bag; It is a portable charger and will come to the rescue when the phone is running out of battery. And you won’t worry about charging your phone before leaving home.

Emergency Numbers
For many of us, our phone is like attachment, but what if you misplace it? Thus, keep a short list of key phone numbers before you find yourself in a jam with a damaged or lost phone.

Key Cosmetics
Instead of lug around stocked makeup cases, stash a few key cosmetics that help you refresh throughout the day.

Check phone? Check wallet? Checked. Besides, the basics keep eyes on these essentials and you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.