Have You Ever Failed In Life??Have You Felt Like You Werent Good Enough??Check Out This Article!!

Jenisha Roshan
May 01, 2019   •  12 views


I have failed at many things in life and so have you. Failure is vital for a stronger you. But as humans, we do not look at failure in a positive manner. We feel hurt and emotional pain. It’s definitely tough I’m not gonna deny it but can you show me a person who has never faced failure in his/her life? No, you can’t.

All of us have faced failures at least in one part of our lives. Whatever kind of failure it may be, facing failures are tough and that’s why I’m here to help you analyze it and change your perspective.

Why do you feel broken during a failure?

• You feel like you are not enough.
• You think low of yourself.
• You become self-critical.
• You start comparing yourself with the one who has succeeded.
• A serious drain of your emotion takes place.
• You don’t realize that life gives you many opportunities.
• You feel like you have let your loved ones down.
• You think that all the work you put into the matter was a waste as you didn’t succeed.

How to help yourself come out from the pain of failure?

• Failure is proof that you are pushing yourself forward.
• Focus on the things that you can control.
• If you cannot control it don’t worry about it
• Don’t stress out.
• Failure is vital for a stronger you.
• If you want to become a better version ofyourur failure is necessary.
• Failure always doesn’t mean that you aren’t enough.
• Failure is not personal at times it just means that the personyou are competing with is more qualified.

• Failure makes you more productive.
• Failure is an opportunity to sharpen you.

Things you should tell yourself during a failure:

• All of us can't succeed in the same field.
• Remind yourself all the time you have succeeded and been grateful.
• Been lured can help you get better.
• Each better. bounce back from failure you become mentally stronger.
• Recalling times when you’ve rebounded in the past can help you feel equipped to deal with failure again.

• Remind yourself that you have the capability to bounce back.

Now lift up your head go ahead and make things work and if you fail, try again and if you fail again to try again

Make a plan in numbers and not alphabets.

The limit does not exist.

I hope y ’ all found some inspiration and are back in the form to go rule the world!!



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