Trending Software Courses In It Sector In 2019

Jefrin Adams
Jul 24, 2019   •  5 views

Are you looking to migrate to the technical domain but not sure which skills you need to kickstart your career? Or do you want to upscale yourself because technology is evolving at a rapid rate? Then gain an edge over others by pursuing the following tech skills that are highly in demand.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is undoubtedly one of the most innovative fields of the present world. Machine learning is generally coupled with artificial intelligence. In fact, it is a type of AI that automates data analysis to let computers learn and be flexible through experience to perform particular activities. Machine learning has its application in most of the industries comprising healthcare, finance, education, etc. When you learn machine learning from the machine learning training in Chennai, you can gain the needed skills to shine in your job.

Data science

Data science is one of the hottest trends in 2019. Every company needs an efficient data scientist who can derive meaningful insights from data. Through this data, potential risks can be predicted. Data science can be learned along with Python, R, or Machine Learning. If you want to learn data science course in Chennai, then an excellent place to begin is Softlogic.

Internet of Things

IoT refers to how links on devices provide outstanding opportunities to extract data.That said, everything that’s associated with the Internet can be hacked, and that’s the reason security has become a top concern. IoT can boost business results. Begin your IoT training from the IoT training in Chennai.


DevOps is a culture that is gaining momentum in 2019. This practice is recommended to be adopted by the development and operations team so that there is a shared vision. DevOps engineers execute automation technologies and tools at every level of deployment or system architecture. There are popular DevOps tools including Puppet, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, Docker, Nagios, etc. which will ease your functions. You can learn the importance of DevOps and its tools from the DevOps training in Chennai.

Big Data Hadoop

Hadoop is hyped to be the best solution for big data problems. If you are searching for Big Data Hadoop training in Chennai with an in-depth focus on Hadoop architecture and ecosystem, then Softogic propels you in the right direction. You will learn about HDFS, MapReduce, etc. through the comprehensive training.


Robotic Process automation lets you automate mundane and repetitive activities. There is no requirement of writing any code to automate repetitive tasks. With the help of RPA tools, including Blue Prism, UIPath, Automation Anywhere, etc., you can enhance operational efficiency and bring forward better customer experience. Learn these tools from the RPA training in Chennai.


Nowadays, blockchain has moved beyond cryptocurrency. That said, it is making its presence felt in enterprise applications. It is not restricted to Bitcoin, too; it has taken the role of the backbone of Hyperledger, Ethereum, etc. Blockchain is now used for peer-to-peer payments, file storage, crowdfunding, etc. In fact, blockchain can have a far-reaching impact on healthcare, law enforcement, elections, etc. Learn this trending technology from the blockchain course in Chennai.


Python has quickly reached the leading position of top programming languages, thanks to its simple learning curve and dynamic libraries. An entry-level candidate can have a great career in Python once he/she knows the concepts in a thorough manner. At Python training in Chennai, you can get job-oriented training in Python.


AWS is in the leading position of the cloud computing platform. AWS can help to maximize the organization’s cloud environment and also come away from the issue of skill gaps. Learn the core AWS skills, including Elastic Compute Cloud, storage services, database services from the AWS training in Chennai.

SEO/SEM Marketing

Companies are searching for people with digital marketing skills to enhance their company’s web presence and visibility. SEO/SEM will be ideal for you if you are inclined towards data.This is because the role comprises continual testing, gauging, and experimenting to understand what functions well and carry out changes dependent on metrics. Enrolling in the SEO training in Chennai will help you learn much-needed digital marketing skills.

Mobile App Development

The age of computer technology has shifted from considerable mainframes to small hand-held devices. Mobile app development is also an excellent career option. In fact, mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. You can learn this from the mobile app development training in Chennai.

If you want to learn any of the trending mentioned above courses, then contact Softlogic.