Woman which is the wonderful creature of God in Earth. Role of girl in life in many dimensions like daughter , wife, mother, daughter in law. Women can do many works at a time. For example, cooking in one hand, combing the hair of her school going child. Her role in home made the family happy.

And one important thing in girls life is marriage. Marriage made a total change in girls life. She entirely changed her life style according to her new family. She is forced to adopt the rules of new family and sacrifice many things for others happiness. Unfortunately Marriage leads to many problems for many girls because of wrong life partner. She face many obstacles in their day to day life.

Eve - teasing, women abuse, problems from opposite gender, family problems, official problems.

But women always try to overcome the obstacles in life. As many girl children are in danger even in 21st century because of superstitious beliefs. Generally women facing problems from 3 sides, one from family, other from neighbors, other from their fake friends. Generally Women had a mindset to trust all. But, the trust leads to many problems. Some women,failed to fulfill their wish because of family.

Some women misuse their freedom also leads to many problems.

Social Media is the main reason for women abuse. Not all girls, but few of them misusing their freedom by doing indecent activities in social media. But social media is a good platform for establishing the talents. Avoid misusing social media women protect themselves from abuse. Yes we are in modern culture, but the way of dressing is very important. It should be in proper manner . Some girls think that glamour is the modern culture. Modern culture means ignorance of superstitious beliefs, Right to Education, Women education, All are equal in society. Many freedom fighters played a vital role in castless society. Particularly, Ambedkar is one of the most important person in drawing the rules of constitution of India.

Women are the store house of talents. She played many roles in society such as writer, speaker, dancer, singer, artist, cook, business women, politician,sports, etc. Women are good at fencing also. In Ancient period, women are the legal advisor of Kings. For example Avvaiyar is the legal advisor of King Adhiyaman. Achievers are women,

examples are Lakshmi Bai, woman of courage and confidence. P. T Usha athlete, Sania Mirza achiever in Tennis, P. Susheela woman of singing, shobana woman of dancing (bharathanatyam). Expression of Bharathanatyam dancer says many things. Indian culture is prouded by UNESCO. Apart from culture women are good at science and technology, defence. Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi, Mother Theresa are notable achievers.

We proud to be a women, Don't worry about obstacles women are born to overcome obstacles by nature. We accepted them as a role model and to protect ourselves from women abuse, unleashing our hidden talents ignore the superstitious beliefs leads to a peaceful and happy life.



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