“If you build it… you may still need Google AdWords.” – Jennifer Mesenbrink

You can do anything you want , but if you cannot market it , there is no point. Although there are different marketing techniques , this one is particularly beyond our imagination to comprehend.

Let’s put this in perspective.

Google has billions of searches each day . Everyone uses Google to search product they want. Whether they are looking to get some information , or to actually buy it ! Google serves as first and last informational ocean.

Google Ads is a vast topic . Many people mistake it to be a simple marketing tool . Infact , if you start using Google Adwords today , it will take you hardly 5 minutes until you start up showing your product to millions of people.

But remember ? If it’s easy , it’s not , you guessed it , worth it!!

Google AdWords Explained

AdWords is a marketing tool where you pay Google to market for you. It’s like putting up a flyer or a billboard for people to see. Google charges you for ads it shows , hence it is extremely essential that revenue you are getting after spending such money is greater than what Google charges.

Just imagine sheer magnitude , 97% of Google’s revenue is from Google Ads. See how popular it is ? But everyone is not an expert in Google AdWords , which is precisely what we want to be.

Difference is this ! When you open Google , you see top of page links. They have a small “ad” logo . That is that company is essentially paying Google to be at top of page and show you that ad.

There are different ways you can tell Google on how you are charged. Whether you are charged for a click (when someone clicks on ad) , or when someone actually makes a purchase ( called conversion ) , or when someone simply visits the webpage ( called impressions ).

So you see, an amateur would pay more than a professional . There are many customizations that can drastically reduce your costs with same level of quality . There can be 100 advertisers , but what is chance that it is your Ad being shown , and that too at 1st spot , and that too at a cheap price than even 2nd or 3rd spot Ad.

See ? It is entirely possible !! But you need to know intricacies of Google AdWords . Google let’s you hire a professional campaign manager. But let’s face it , if you are here , you are probably afraid to spend money even on Google AdWords , leave aside a dedicated professional manager.

example google adwords

Components of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an extremely broad field. All Ads you see on Google , its display partners ( YouTube , Maps , and 3rd party partners that number millions ) , apps etc. all advertise thorough this tool.

You’re probably wondering why to spend money when we had not even started making something. Well , this is the bitter truth . You are not alone , when someone searches for a product , big companies put their ads right in face at top of page of a viewer , thus potentially preventing user to even scroll down where you , without such position on Google , are located.

97% people don’t visit 2nd page results , and you being a newbie , can hardly expect to be on 1st page unless someone directly searches for your webpage . And even if you are , you are hit by page positions by way of Google Ads.

Thumb Rules

  • Don’t advertise without proper knowledge , although you can , but you can end up paying much more with no apparent benefit.

  • Don’t mistake it of an easy skill , mastering Google Ads platform requires upward 20-25 days to reach an advanced stage.

  • You will need some money to get started , but how to make best use of it is why I recommend you to have required knowledge of the skill.

Demo Google AdWords

Some Heavy Load Information…

Things that go into making a Google Ads include selecting right kind of Bidding strategies (how you want to pay ) , Google Ads auctions , Keywords (bread and butter of your Ad) , Optimization , Conversions , Tracking , Geographical Targeting , Negative Keywords , Match Types and much more.

The reason of providing this information is for you to be able to search information on these topics individually on Google. However , if you want a structured program free of cost , please suggest or comment below and I will start a course on the same.