7 Best Ways To Improve Your Memory!

Ishika Choudhary
May 22, 2019   •  42 views

Forgetting things is a common experience faced by not only elder person but by youngsters too. It is a common experience; we always forget where we kept our keys, wallet or anything. Forgetting things become frustrating and sometimes frightening too.

Did you ever notice how some people are able to remember everything effortlessly? Want to make your brain more powerful and active? Practice these ways to use your brain with full potential.

Teach others:
Why do you think teachers have a good memory than us? Because what they read alone they teach us the next day. And reports say that if you read out loud anything it will remain in your head will automatically improve your memory. Teach your friends or siblings and you’ll find you remember the information a lot better.

Do Meditation or Yoga:
Meditation and yoga affect the body in many positive ways. It will help you in taking out negative and trash thoughts out of mind, which will directly clear out the space for new information and ideas. Ideas only come in that mind which are stressed and tension free. These techniques help in improving memory in people of all ages.

Write it down:
Take a paper or make notes on a phone or laptop if you know that something is important. It will sound like the dumbest way but when you write anything on your own, there is only a slight possibility of forgetting that. Writing down will help to improve the capacity of remembering and memorizing information.

Take enough sleep:
Lack of proper sleep will increase the chances of poor memory. Sleep is a process which converts your short term memories into long-lasting memories by strengthening it. If you are a person who sleeps for a few hours you are directly impacting your memory negatively. Experts recommend 7-8 hours of sleep is a must for adults for optimal health.

Eliminate stress and depression:
Depression destroys your brain's ability to remember anything new. Stress will increase anger level and your brain can’t throw out new ideas. Stress and depression can damage your brain and will not let you concentrate which will directly affect your memory. To enhance your memory avoid doing the tasks which bring stress, work less but work with an open mind which will bring clarity in your mind.

Exercise daily:
Exercise doesn’t only improve the fitness of body, but also helps in the proper functioning of brain. It will help in the proper circulation of blood in the body, which ultimately relaxes our brain and helps getting everything clear which improves the memory.

Feed yourself with proper nutrients:
Eat proper food which includes more vitamins, iron, and protein. Eat green vegetables and fruits will enhance your memory power. Think about healthy foods and fats to sharpen your memory.



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