We have different seasons . And out of all, I like rainy season the best.All the plants and animals get happy on enjoying rain.Rain is also yet another gift of god.

Just before the rainy season we experience the summer which keeps us lazy and tired.And after all that...when this rain suddenly comes, i.e. when the monsoon catches up, that is the best feeling ever. So we all welcome monsoon with great happiness.

But sometimes monsoon seems to be violent causing certain natural disasters too.And that's when we sometimes start cursing rain.But afterall, most of the times, everybody loves rainy season.Going to school during the rain is another fun.But waking up in the morning, for school during the rain is a hard task while we always prefer to be under the blankets.Also, making paper boats in the rain is the best part.

Rain after all brings out the creativity out of one person .On experiencing rain.....people often express their feelings through writings.It may be either a poem or an article....or whatever it may be . That is the best part about rain, and that it brings out our emotions .To enjoy the beauty of rain is another beautiful feeling.

Rain revives the plants, some plants come to life because of the rain.Talking about animals, peacock is what comes to everybody's mind.Have you ever seen peacocks dancing in the rain out of joy?All the dry forests and lakes and rivers take life through rain.Hence rain plays a major role in bringing things into life.After a rain ....we often see the change, when the mountains turn greenish and an overall greenery around.There are also certain tribes who even worship rain and the ultimate Rain God.

So even this year, let's all welcome the monsoon which has already started in most of the states with lots of hopes and happiness.Let is not cause distress to farmers and cause only good instead.So, Happy Monsoon! ☔️